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5 Reasons You Should Go Paperless

Stack of PaperworkDespite what you feel about recycling or renewable fuels, there’s one thing that every person should be able to agree on – the fewer resources you consume, the better. It’s better on the world, it’s better on your wallet, and it’s better for your children. You might not believe recycling helps, but no one can dispute the fact that not using something is the best way to help sustain our world.

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Screw Junk Mail Senders

Everyone gets junk mail and basically everyone hates it. I’ve written in the past about how they’ve done studies that show there is a large enough percentage of respondents to make mailing all these junk offers worth it to the company so it’s about time we fought back.

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 Personal Finance 

Why You Get Junk Mail (or Spam)

So I read this article after it was highlighted on Business Week’s Well Spent by Amey Stone and I was amazed to find the majority of credit card holders first find out about a credit card via direct mail. Vertis did the survey in Jan 05 and discovered that what came in second at a piddly 11% was “Informed by someone in a store.” (which explains why they peddle store cards so strongly).

Read the article quickly because after Mar 2, 2005, it’ll only be available to paid members of The statistical breakdown is as follows:
Direct Mail – 53%
Informed by Someone in a Store – 11%
Bank – 8%
Friend/Relative – 6%
Internet – 5%
Television – 4% (Capital One commercials are starting to get stale!)
Special Event/In-Person Promo – 4%
Advertising Inserts in a Newspaper – 2%
Credit Union – 2%

So that’s why you get all those junk mail offers for 0% balance transfers and other super-low rate credit cards in the mail all the time, it is by far and away the best way for a credit card company to lock you in.

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