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Money Lessons from Classic Movies

Movies today can rely on special effects, monster marketing efforts, and a few pretty faces (*cough* Transformers 2 *cough*). In the 80’s and early 90’s, movies had to rely on the story and the acting to achieve success. Out of that era, which coincided with my childhood, come a lot of classic movies that teach powerful lessons about how to deal with your money, how to do approach your career, and how to find success in both.

I thought it would be fun to pick out five lessons from just five movies from that era (one of them is from 2000, but no fancy special effects there!):

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Almost Free Movie Ticket to An Inconvenient Truth

Fandango is giving away tickets to an An Inconvenient Truth if you use the promotion code AnInconvenientTruth3, there is a $1.00 service charge for Fandango’s service. If it’s playing at a local AMC, you can also try on a pair of jeans at American Eagle and get a free ticket that way too. If you’re curious what it’s about, visit the Inconvenient Truth homepage (at least I think that’s the homepage).

Update: Some people were not charged a service fee, I’d try this out myself except I’m in Lake Tahoe now and I’m not going to a movie.


Movie Film Budgets Exposed!

I always think it’s cool whenever you can go “behind the scenes” of anything and today I discovered that The Smoking Gun managed to snag the internal budgets of a bunch of big blockbuster movies. Well, in typical TSG fashion, they’re going to share all the documents with us along with some insightful and humorous commentary. The films they have opted to show first are the four directed by M. Night Shyamalan (The Sixth Sense, Signs, The Village, and Unbreakable) and distributed by Disney Touchstone Studios and the stuff these film companies pay for is pretty cush.

The salaries, which are well known anyway, are staggering. Mel Gibson scored a $25M payday (doc) of the almost $71M budget for Signs (yeah, that’s over 35% of the budget). Bruce Willis earned $14M for The Sixth Sense, $20M for Unbreakable, and a $1.5M perk package that “includes set staples like a costumer and makeup artist, the actor also gets a personal assistant, masseuse, mobile gym, trainer, bodyguard, and other ‘personal perks,’ including a $500,000 allowance for private jet charters.” Not bad.

Enjoy the casual Friday treat!

via TSG: Hollywood by the Numbers.


Free Redbox DVD Rentals

This site lists the most updated Redbox free rental promo codes.

Latest Codes (3/28) – Remember to use a different credit card and you can use codes several times:

  • SDSJK47
  • REDBOX (new customers only)
  • DVDATWAG (Walgreens RedBox’s only)

Until tonight I’ve never had a chance to check out the Redbox DVD Rental service, those red DVD vending machines found in some MacDonald’s franchise locations and even some grocery stores. Its basically a vending machine for DVD movies, you select one from an easy to navigate touch screen, put in your credit card and out comes a movie. The rentals are $1+tax each day and if you keep a movie for more than 25 days, you keep it forever. It’s a pretty slick system with a nice touch screen interface that’s really easy to use (huge touch screen buttons) and it vends out a simple white plastic case with only the DVD inside (with a special bar code).

How does Redbox compare to Netflix? I think it’s better. With each of those you pay a monthly subscription fee, send in your movies (or with Blockbuster you can swap them at a retail location), and watch a limited number of movies a week. With Redbox, you pay $1 each night. You want 15 movies? $15. You want 1? $1. The only weakness is in selection and how unpredictable that can be but for the price, I’m willing to accept that. Plus, as you’ll see in a minute, with promotion codes I’ve never paid for a movie (except when I was late returning it, which cost me a whole dollar!) rental.

One thing to remember is that you can only use one code per credit card, so you can use DVDONME as many times as you have credit cards. I would also recommend writing down all the codes in the event that one of them isn’t active in your geographic region.

Let me know if you know of any codes or if one of the ones listed above is invalid. Here is a list of their locations and a Redbox finder.

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