Personal Finance 

Reminder: Personal Finance Hour Tonight at 6PM Eastern, 3PM Pacific

I remind our fair readers that the second episode of the Personal Finance Hour will be on at 6 PM Eastern, 3 PM Pacific tonight! Please join JD Roth of Get Rich Slowly and me as we talk about emergency funds. We will discuss how we’ve set up our emergency funds, answer reader questions, and take calls. If you have a question but don’t feel like calling in (or can’t), please email me before the show and we’ll try to answer it on the air.

To listen, you can call (347) 327-9144 or go to the show’s page here and hit play. To ask a question, you can go to the show page and ask in the chat box or if you’re on the phone, hit “1” to light up the siwtchboard. There are other ways to get our attention like Twitter (@jdroth, @bargainr, or @pfhour) and AOL instant messenger but the phone is the best way and chat is #2. (If you’re on the phone and want to tweet one of us to get our attention, that’s cool too!)

There’s also a chat room on the show page where you can interact with other listeners and bloggers. There was a lot of activity in there during the last show and every had a great time, or so they said. 🙂

We hope you hear from you tonight!

 Personal Finance 

The Personal Finance Hour

I have a pretty cool announcement today, JD Roth of Get Rich Slowly and I will be co-hosting a personal finance radio show on Monday on Blog Talk Radio, an internet radio show platform. Broadly, our show will be about personal finance (duh!) but we hope to discuss everything from current events to specific topics within personal finance, like managing debt or getting the most out of your bank. Our show is scheduled to be a one-hour weekly show and it’ll be recorded and broadcast at 6 PM Eastern (3 PM Pacific) every Monday from now until eternity. 🙂

The First Show

For our first show, to be recorded and broadcast on March 23rd, JD and I will be talking about our “personal finance evolution,” where we talk about our approach to money, how it’s changed over the years, and the lessons we’ve learned through the trials of life. We come from two different perspectives, part of the reason why we decided to come together to do the show in the first place, and we hope to explain that to everyone who hasn’t had a chance to meet and learn about us. That’s part one.

The second part is where we hope you all can join in and call us with your questions, comments, or funny stories and anecdotes. You can ask us about, well, us, or you can ask for our take on something that happened in the news or for an answer to a question. We may or may not have the answer, but we’ll have a good time trying to find an answer! 🙂

How Do You Listen?

The easiest way is to listen (almost) live to the audio feed on the show’s page here. You can also call in to the show’s phone line if you don’t have access to a computer, the phone number is (347) 327-9144.

How Do You Call In?

Just call (347) 327-9144 and press “1” if you want to ask a question (you can press this at anytime). I recommend following @jdroth and @bargainr on Twitter and dm’ing or @’ing us to tell us what your area code is, that’s the only identification I get as to who is on the line.

We hope you hear you this Monday at 6 PM!

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