Payback Time by Phil Town

Payback Time by Phil TownIn Payback Time, Phil Town teaches you the tenets of value investing, the same approach that Warren Buffett takes, with today’s tools. With all the value investing books out there, what separates Town’s Payback Time, and his earlier work Rule #1, from the pack? Two reasons – first, he’s not a long time investor who is very far removed from “Main Street,” he was a regular Joe just a short time ago and he’s able to explain concepts in terms most people can understand. Second, he explains these terms and walks you through the tools, like the screener from Yahoo Finance, you can use today to find good companies.

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Interview with Phil Town, Rule #1

Today I have the opportunity to present a brief interview with Phil Town about both his life and his upcoming book, Rule #1. Phil has been writing a blog (unlike other authors who write a book and then a blog to promote it, Phil’s blog has been around for quite some time) on which he gives you an overview of rule #1 and tells you how to submit “homework” that he can review. Onward to the interview…

jim: On your blog and in the book, you’ve mentioned less-than-glamourous jobs (such as being a ditch digger, equipment washer), what have you been doing recently? (besides writing Rule #1)
Phil: I’ve been busy promoting Rule #1, and since I live in Wyoming, I have to get in some snowboarding. We’ve been getting dumped on big time this year and the snowboarding has been amazing. Of course, I spend about 15 minutes a week investing. Then, to break the tedium of goofing off, I travel to give talks a few times each month. It’s kind of different from the old days. Money isn’t what life is all about, but having some sure helps you be able to do what you want to.

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