SumoLounge’s SumoSac Sultan Review

A while back, Andrew over at SumoLounge sent me one of their Omni Bean Bag chairs. This year, Andrew sent one of their SumoSac Sultan bean bag chairs for me to try out and I have to say it’s pretty nice!

Here’s what it looks like (model comes separately):
SumoLounge SumoSac Sultan Red

My first impressions of the Sultan was that this thing is huge. It’s listed dimensions are 54 x 54 x 42 but as you’d imagine with a bean bag, it pretty much gets as wide as physics will allow it (within the constraints of the outer covering). The sac comes in only two pieces, the other covering and a vacuum sealed inner “pillow” filled with furniture grade shredded urethane foam.

One word of advice, the shredded foam stuffing is vacuum sealed when it’s delivered. I recommend that you move the package to the room you’ll be using it in before you put it together. The SumoSac, as the name Sumo implies, is huge. And heavy. I was able to move the SumoSac up two flights of stairs and through three sets of doors but it wasn’t easy, you’ll want to unseal the vacuum sealed “pillow” of shredded furniture grade urethane foam after it’s where you will be using it.

One of my favorite features of the Sultan is that they did a great job on the cover. A lot of bean bags like to go with the slipper polyester outer covering that slips and slides all over the place. SumoLounge did a great job going with a micro suede. Another great feature is that the bag holds its shape very well. Some bean bag chairs just go wherever it wants, this one holds its shape and conforms to you without spilling all over the place.

Lastly, the Sultan is remarkably comfortable. Since it holds its shape, you can form a little pocket for yourself and still have something to rest your neck and head on. A lot of bean bag chairs, at least the ones I remember, don’t make it easy for you to do that.

Oh, before I forget, it did get one other ringing endorsement from my wife. She spent a couple hours sitting on it this week, reading one of her novels, and her verdict? “It’s comfy!”


Review: SumoLounge Omni Bean Bag Chairs

When Flexo was giving away a SumoLounge Omni, I kind of wanted to win it but I knew I probably wasn’t going to win it so I asked Andrew at SumoLounge if they’d send me one and the obliged. No, the review I am about to write was not a part of any agreement, nor is the giveaway that will soon be announced, but I thought it would be fun to give away something hip and trendy, as opposed to personal finance books. So, what does a bean bag chair have to do with personal finance? Absolutely nothing. If you’re okay with that, onto what I think about the SumoLounge Omni.

Before receiving it, I half assumed that it would be similar to one of the bean bags chairs from my childhood. Back then, they were basically amorphous bags of polyester and nylon filled with little beans. When the Omni arrived, it was hardly amorphous and it really surprised me. The Omni is made from a sturdy (I hesitate to call it tough, but it’s not a slipper smooth polyester either) nylon that holds its shape (with the help of the beans). I actually found a perfect spot for it, in front of my television as I own 6 year olds at Halo 3 (I’d probably be playing Call of Duty 4 if it wasn’t for my XBox going blind), where I used to slide in an office chair. When my fiancĂ©e first saw the bean bag, she told me that it’s was probably an absolute certainty that I’d be gone to her for a long long time (she wasn’t complaining, just noting!).

If you’re looking for the hip urban look, I think these chairs look really cool in bunches in the corner. I think the color choices are really vibrant and at a scant $129 a pop (it sounds expensive at first but these things are huge) with no shipping, it’s not a bad idea to furnish with. It will also make you seem much cooler than you probably are. 🙂 I was going to take some pictures of the chair and me in it but I had some friends come over and I snapped pictures of them instead, here’s one:

SumoLounge at Playboy Golf Scramble Party

Okay I lied, they have more photos though…

(Photo courtesy of SumoLounge)

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