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Some Americans Plan Fun for Tax Refund

The National Retail Federal did a survey [3] recently that asked Americans what they were going to do with their tax refund this year. 13.2% said they would be buying a big ticket item like a new television or some furniture, up from 12.5% last year. 11.9% plan on taking a vacation, which is more than the 10% who planned on taking a vacation with it last year. 29.7% went with the ho-hum answer of spending it on everyday items.

Before you start complaining about people being irresponsible, it turns out that most people will either pay down debt or put it towards savings. 41.9% will use their tax refund to pay down debt, 42.1% will be using it for savings. What’s interesting is that since 2007, the percentage of respondents who said they’d pay down debt went up and then down, peaking at 48% in 2009. 41.9% is the lowest it’s been since 2007, when it was 43.1%. Savings rates, however, have been steadily increasing since 2008. (One caveat, this was a survey of what people planned on doing with their refund… how many actually saved or paid down debt is another story!).