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Tax Return Filing Deadline

It’s September 15th, do you know where your tax return is? (please laugh or it’ll be uncomfortably quiet in here)

If you filed your taxes on April 15th, you can ignore this post. If you requested a tax filing extension [3], let this be a reminder that your tax return will be due in exactly one month. October 15th is the tax return filing deadline for people who requested and were approved for a tax filing extension.

Since I can see the future, I know that in some point in the future someone will read this article and be wondering when all the various tax return related deadlines are. Being the nice guy that I am, I’ll list them for your reference. Your tax return filing deadline will depend entirely on your tax situation because the extension gives you extra time to file, not extra time to pay your bill!

Here are my suggestions on when you should file:

2009 Tax Return Filing Deadline Dates

Here are all the deadline dates for 2009 (to be updated each year):