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Can Temporary Work Benefit Your Career?

One of the realities of the current economy is that finding a permanent full-time job is hard work. Indeed, some believe that the current situation may even be permanent, with temporary, freelance and adjunct jobs becoming the new normal.

It can be frustrating to be stuck on the job hunt [3], and the truth is that you need to be doing something. Once you go more than six months without a job, your employability — such as it is in the current climate — goes down quite a bit. This means that, perhaps, you need to consider doing temporary work. You might even be surprised that it can help you in your career.

How Temporary Work Can Benefit Your Career

Even though it is easy to look down on temporary work, the truth is that it can be helpful in some ways beyond merely bringing in some money. That money is certainly needed, and can help stretch your emergency fund [4], but you also need to think of the future of your career. Here are some ways that temporary work can benefit you:

Every cloud really does have a silver lining, and temporary work can open doors for you, and allow you to meet new people and try new things. Approach your temporary work as an opportunity, and you might actually find some benefits.

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