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Ten Minute Tip: Read Up On Current Events

For ten minutes each day, just scan through the headlines at major news publications like CNN, New York Times (or your local paper), and the like; get current with all the happenings in the world. You don’t have to read every article but when someone mentions that China is upset that the United States awarded the Congressional Gold Medal to the Dalai Lama (that’s on the front page of CNN right now), at least it won’t be the first time you heard about it.

How is this going to help your personal finances? Read Yahoo Finance, CNN Money, Wall Street Journal, some great blogs (like this one! 🙂 ), and you’ll learn a little bit each and every day. Then, after a year, you’ll have read approximately 3,650 minutes, a little over sixty hours, of news that will help you in all phases of your life. Maybe today is the day you read about Roth IRAs for the first time, maybe today is the day you learn about hedge funds, or ETFs, or CDs. Scan the pages, don’t feel compelled to read everything, and you’ll be a more well informed person for it.

What sites are on your morning reading list that you think others should be checking out?