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Thank Your First Commenter Day

I didn’t even know this was going on [3] until I saw Flexo do it at Consumerism Commentary [4].

Well, the first comment ever by a reader was one of my friends who wrote a comment as Ace Wags, later to be changed to King Asa, on a post in which I compared all the DVD rental programs [5] (fourth article I ever wrote).

The first blogger to comment on my site, and subsequently link to it, was JLP of All Things Financial [6] and his comment was on a post in which I discussed the merits of mutual funds [7]:

Good article. I’m going to post a link to it as well as a link to your blog (that is, if you don’t mind. If you do mind, let me know and I’ll take the link down).

Keep up the good work.


Did I mind? Hahahahaha yeah right. Since then I’ve linked to JLP a few times, interviewed him once [8], and we’ve helped each other improve our blogging (he’s helped me with financial issues and I’ve made technical suggestions) and it’s been a great relationship. Thanks JLP!