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Thanks For Commenting

This is a new thing I’m going to be doing every month, I’ll be saying thanks (and linking) to the top 10 commenters of the last thirty days. It’s just a little way, and really one of the only ways, for us bloggers to thank the folks who respond when we preach into the vast expanses of the internets.

In the shortened month of February, Tim led the way with 17 comments, whereas eROCK held up the back end with five posts. If you had six comments in the last 30 days, you would’ve made this list and scored yourself a free link! Now, I don’t know what I’ll be doing each month for the folks who lead the pack and didn’t enter in a blog but this week Tim has a choice between getting a free copy of The Single Best Investment by Lowell Miller [3] or The Big Money by Frederick Kobrick [4], shoot me an email Tim!

February’s Top Commenters

  1. Tim (17)
  2. Foobarista [5] (11)
  3. Blaine Moore (First Time Home Owner) [6] (10)
  4. Lazy Man and Money [7] (8)
  5. mapgirl [8] (8)
  6. Clever Dude [9] (7)
  7. Matt (7)
  8. The Digerati Life [10] (6)
  9. My Financial Journey [11] (6)
  10. eROCK (5)