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The big list of restaurant birthday freebies

My birthday is coming up, and while I don’t make a huge┬ádeal of my birthday, I do like to go out and enjoy a nice steak dinner. But what’s even better than a steak dinner? A free steak dinner!

There are plenty of restaurants willing to provide you with something free on your birthday. Why? For most companies, it’s a small thing to offer you a free dessert or a special discount because now you are on their list [3], and they can send targeted emails and other communications to you.

If you don’t mind trading in a little privacy [4], you can clean up on your birthday. Here’s a list of some of the restaurants that offer freebies for your birthday. Don’t just go national; ask local establishments if they have birthday freebies, too:

What do you think? Any good birthday freebies we forgot? Please share them in the comments section!
(Photo: Flickr user Will Clayton)