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The Fine Art of Line Drying Laundry

When it comes to energy hogs, did you know that your electric dryer, when on, consumes the most electricity compared to every other appliance in your home? It’s true, it easily beats your refrigerator and your water heater (those in total energy consumption, those appliances use more because they are always on). So, if you’ve ever considered line drying your clothes to cut down on your electricity usage, you picked the right appliance to target. Not only will it save you big bucks on your electricity bill, line drying your laundry will make your clothing last longer, saving you money on clothing expenses too.

Many people don’t like to line dry their laundry though. They cite too much work, too many wrinkles, and “still” clothing as some of the top reasons for not line drying laundry. Fortunately there are some techniques to make line drying clothing a little easier and more practical, so you can keep money in your pocket.

The Equipment

Line Drying Technique

That’s really all there is to it. It’s a little more time consuming to line dry laundry than it is to use the electric dryer but the benefits are worth it. You save money on electricity, your clothing lasts longer, you get to spend some time in the fresh outdoor air, and you don’t have to iron as much. Try it! You may never use your electric clothes dryer again!

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