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The Little Footnote on the 2008 Tax Stimulus Package

If you weren’t a fan of President Bush and believed he, and politicians in general, only pushed for tax breaks for the rich then you’ll want to pay close attention to a recently Fortune [3] that sheds some light onto the little footnote on the 2008 tax stimulus package. Most people focus on the tax stimulus check they’ll be receiving in a month or two, I know I did because that’s what affects us and most Americans. Fortunately, we have people like Allan Sloan focusing on all parts, including the little piece about raising the “maximum size of a ‘conforming’ mortgage to $729,750 from the previous cap of $417,000.”

What the heck does that mean? A conforming loan is one that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac can buy. Since they can buy them, the interest rates on the loans are generally lower because they’re less risky. If a bank knows it can sell it to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, they can charge less in interest. The spread these days, according to Fortune, is a significant 1.27%.

My friends that share a half-million dollar mortgage, and those who own homes that are worth more than $417,000 but less than $729,750, benefit the most from this. Borrowers have access to lower interest rates and thus are able to purchase “more house.” (Nothing changes for those above the $729,750 amount)

For example, for the monthly mortgage payment of $1,500 can get you a $250,188 loan at 6.00% or a $219,448 loan at 7.27% – that’s a difference in the purchase price of $30,740! And, it obviously gets bigger as your amounts get higher. This makes homes in that range more affordable and thus helps increase their value. That’s stimulus people!

Allan goes on to recognize that the boost will expire at the end of the year, since it was designed to help stimulate the economy, but he suspects it will remain. I just wanted to highlight this piece of the package since very few people discuss it and Allan does a great job. His ending quote is a gem as well – “The one thing I liked about the stimulus package was that the government had enough sense to not send money to people like me. But then it turns around and hands me a housing subsidy. I’ll gratefully accept the gift. But that’s no way to run a country.”


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