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The Luckiest Guy on The Price Is Right

After writing about the guy who lost $600,000 on Deal or No Deal [3] and then the woman scammed out of $400,000 by the Nigerian demi-god of confidence men [4], I thought it was only fair to tell a happier tale. This one is of a 19 year old named Taylor who has the day of his life with Drew Carey and The Price Is Right.

If that stroke of luck isn’t good enough, read this story about Michael Paul Larson learning the patterns of the board in Press Your Luck, an 80s game show, and walking out with a bunch of cash and prizes. First, the story is absolutely true [5]. Next, read the amazing story [6] about how he won $110,237 in cash and prizes back in June 1984 (that’s $229,782.08 in today’s dollars and back in an era where the prizes were much much smaller).

See? It’s not all bad news and schadenfreude here. 🙂