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The Most Interesting Resume Bullet You’ve Ever Seen

As a part of my new job, I’ve had the chance to review a few resumes to try to find good software engineering candidates (let me know if you’re looking for a job, can develop software well, are in the Baltimore region, and you aren’t Rob :)) and I’ve seen more than a few interesting resume bullets in my time. The top candidate, and I argue that you probably aren’t going to find anything to rival this, has to be when someone put on their resume that they were the leader of a 6,000 member clan (guild?) on World of Warcraft. That isn’t, by any means, a negative at all (it shows leadership skills, interpersonal skills, and a whole host of other attributes that are very positive in a candidate) but it was surprising to see it on a resume because, at least I think, World of Warcraft is a means of entertainment.

At first I thought this was a peculiar item to put on your resume but then I thought about how we have a double standard here. If you saw someone was the captain of a mainstream varsity team sport, like basketball or football, would you react the same way? Definitely not. You’d think the candidate was a good leader, had good interpersonal skills, hard working, etc. I’d argue that being the leader of a clan in World of Warcraft (granted I’ve never played but I can imagine the hierarchal structure there isn’t that much different than any other game) is probably much harder than being the captain of any sport. If he joined after the clan started, he had to ascend past the other 5,999 members. If he started it, he had to, in some way, shape, or form, recruit 5,999 other players to join his clan. I don’t know how many players there are on a high school and college football team (though it’s under a hundred, probably under seventy) and there are only 12 players on a basketball team (again, not sure the limits at the high school and college level), so 6,000 trumps that by several orders of magnitude.

Anyway, what’s the most remarkable resume bullet you’ve ever seen?