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The Most Unusual Interview Question

If there is one universal fact in the world, it’s that human beings are by nature very curious creatures and in no other place is this more evident than in one of the most inaccurate means of productivity and usefulness analysis – the work interview. I’ve personally never been asked any particularly strange questions and I’ve had my fair share of interviews but I’ve certainly heard of some strange questions being asked (I’m not talking about those “how many gas stations are there in the United States” questions, I’m talking out there questions) and I wanted to know if you all had any particularly eyebrow raising queries.

The strangest “question” by far, and this is more of a request than a question, was when my friend went to interview with an engineering firm and they made him take a personality test. Now, I doubt the usefulness of a personality test but if they put one in front of me, I’m going to oblige… if it wasn’t going to take me three hours to finish! My friend took the test (not realizing it would take three hours, he just thought it was long) even though he wasn’t all that sold on the job. If a company every put an SAT test in front of me, I’d thank them for their time and politely excuse myself. That wasn’t really a question but that’s certainly the most unusual question/request I’ve ever heard of.

Do you have a question or request that can top a three hour personality test?