The Pros Wedding Services Not Reliable

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I spent a fun weekend fishing, seeing my parents, and, oh yeah, attended a beautiful wedding. Two of my college friends became one and I can safely say that everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves and that it was a great time. The ceremony was beautiful, the reception was a lot of fun, and the cake was delicious. (Actually everything was delicious, I think I gained ten pounds between all the alcohol and the food) The only blemish on the night, not for me personally, was the absence of the videographer, from “The Pros,” who didn’t show up at all. At all.

This led me to wonder… does a large company, with a presence in multiple states, really necessarily mean reliability or good service? In most cases you would say yes because there has to be a reason why they grew to the size they are and that reason has to be a high level of service and reliability such that they get a lot of business. “However, value in product is only true value when it is supported by consistent, excellent service.” states their website but they weren’t consistent and who knows about their service since they never showed up.

In this particular case, no, and in fact I would venture to guess in a scenario such as this one (only one chance at it, you can’t be late or flaky or anything… it’s a wedding!) the best bet would be to go with a small one or two person operation (who does it out of enjoyment or is trying to make a name for themselves) that come with good references. Would I have guessed this before this weekend? Never.

Sadly, the couple were warned that The Pros were not 100% reliable, a product of having such a large operation, but very few videographers will give you 8 hours of raw footage (most cut and splice it down to a 30 minute product) so they reserved them anyway. The Pros can afford to miss a few weddings because they conduct so much business. They can afford to miss a few? Ridiculous! Now, do I know the full story? No I don’t, but I do know there was no videographer at the ceremony and that a very capable DJ, who did happen to have a camera, did catch the reception so all was not lost.

The Pros are not reliable, based only on this one situation, and I recommend that you not take the risk of their services. Dennis J. Tessler, Brian M. Tessler, and C. Keith Tessler should be ashamed of themselves that they permitted this to happen.

This is a courteous response sent recently (November 06, 2007) by President and CEO Dennis Tessler:

For several years now when people “Google” The Pros Weddings within the first page is an extremely uncomplimentary article about our company written by a guests at a wedding at which, according to this guest, The Pros videographer was late and missed the ceremony. Since we have no idea what wedding this relates to, the circumstances, or what restitution was made to the client, it is impossible for me to comment on this specific incident. However, after all these years of having to see this article I decided there is a need to respond.

Accepting the letter at face value, it appears, for whatever reason, the videographer was late. If so, I am confident we did everything reasonable and more to make restitution with the bride. I can speak with confidence that everything is done to ensure such instances are extremely rare.

The Pros is a family owned business. I am the owner and my two sons, Keith and Brian, are working hard to build this business for their family’s future. We, along with a dedicated staff, all work extremely hard, to provide the finest in wedding services. Last year we provided service to 8,000 weddings and in total did 13,000 services. We did not build this business by disappointing brides. In fact, we are the most referred provider of disc jockey, video and photography in the nation. With those referrals comes a trust we take very seriously.

Recently, we were given “The Knots Best of Weddings” award as rated by The Knot brides.

We do everything possible to create reliability and are extremely successful in this pursuit. We spend significant dollars in order to have emergency back up in every area at all times. Should a last minute issue prevent a professional from performing their duties, an 800 line is provided which goes directly to a qualified individual, armed with the information necessary to dispatch a backup on a moment’s notice. Because we have a highly professional, stable workforce of individuals
who have been part of The Pros, most of them for a very long time, our emergency line is not as active as one would think. I am constantly amazed that the quantity of work we do and the very few problems we have. It is a credit to those individuals with whom we have been able to surround ourselves.

The article you present “The Pros Wedding Services Not Reliable” written by a guest at a wedding who provides little detail, perhaps because of a lack of information, about what actually happened at a wedding no one can identify, is highly inaccurate and extremely misleading. It undermines the reputation of not only our family business but the 500 people who work so very hard to create an the organization of which we are so proud.

The article has been up for a very long time. I ask you to use your good judgment as to whether it indefinitely serves the consumer community. Perhaps the time has come to take it down. Your
consideration of this matter is greatly appreciated.

Dennis J. Tessler
President and Chief Executive Officer

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87 Responses to “The Pros Wedding Services Not Reliable”

  1. Nick says:

    The Pros really do seem to be hit or miss, though I think it tends to vary from state to state depending on who runs the local office. I know you’re in the same general area as me, though I’m not sure if this wedding was in the same state in which we live.

    We went with The Pros for our wedding based on recommendations of people we knew in the area who had a generally positive experience with them. We went with their photographer, videographer, and DJ, and the day went pretty smoothly. They did have to switch us to a backup DJ a few days before the wedding due to a family emergency with our first choice DJ, but everything worked out okay in the end. Whether or not we went with The Pros, we would have still had our backup plans in place: a photographer relative with a good camera, another relative who was filming everything anyway, and the entire reception music program completely automated on my laptop and ready to be hooked up to a friend’s speaker system on short notice.

    As for the quality of the finished products: the pictures turned out nicely, the video looks good (we went with the raw version which I intend to edit myself later), and the DJ was entertaining and nearly flawless (he was missing one song we requested, but it wasn’t that big of a deal).

    While our experience with The Pros went all right, because of all the negative reviews I’ve come across, I’d still recommend people explore other options if they can afford to do so. At the very least, be sure to have a backup plan should a Pro turn out to be a Con.

  2. jim says:

    Thanks for writing about your experiences with them, my friends were married in New York about an hour and a half or so outside New York City.

  3. FMF says:

    1. You fish? That explains a lot… 😉

    2. The DJ with the camera — I bet he made out nicely. $$$$$$$$

    3. You should have brought your own camera and picked up some spending money. 😉

  4. candida says:

    I have a little inside knowledge of how the company works, I can tell you assuredly that the pros (the professionals — yah right!) severely underpays their contractors. photographers, DJs and videographers are actually told to do substandard work, Dennis and co. would apparently rather save a few dollars on hiring the cheapest people. Even good people that take occasional work from them will not bring their A-game to your wedding… there is simply no reward for doing so. best advice, if you hire the pros, tip your contractor at the start of the night, and let them know that there will be another tip at the end of the night based on performance. Contractors (video, DJ, photography) will make an effort only if they know they will be taken care of by the client. Remember too, that your video and photographer need to do work after the wedding! if they leave feeling neglected, your video and photos will not be as good as they could be. the pros as a company will do nothing to improve the quality of the work that the contractors submit. The pros are a cheap alternative to hiring a local, reputable, actual “professional”. But as the saying goes “there aint no such thing as a free lunch!”, take some of the money you saved, and give the contractors a handsome tip… it will pay dividends. If you don’t, the quality of the work supplied will be substandard.

    • brian Swift says:

      You sound familiar – Like you were fired cause you SUCKED as a Photographer. Before you slander a company check them out you idiot. The company does not hide you can meet them weekely iin a town near you. REMEMBER you SCHMUCK! In todays world you GET what you pay for. And as far as thehe other guy goes, Too bad for you if they miss 1 out of 5000 a year thats pretty damn good. Name me any other service company with a 100% unblemished cust. svc. record – EXACTLY YOU CANT! Go back to work the dishes are stacking up.

    • Jimmy says:

      This company (The Pros) does not pay it’s contractors in a timely manner. I recently joined on to work for them, and spoke with a DJ, one of the most popular for their company who said on several occassions he was not payed what was told to him. I worked a job and still have yet to be payed the correct amount Stay away and look for another company for your wedding, or special event.

  5. Tammy says:

    Never ever use them! The messed up my wedding sooo bad!

  6. John says:

    Brian, you sound like an insider, I hope you aren’t actually Brian Tessler. Whether or not you are, your crass comments aren’t doing anything to improve the perception of The Pros as a professional, reliable company. Your customers will find this page! I found it with a random Google search.

    I did use their DJ services once a few years ago and they were, well, acceptable. I wasn’t really impressed and wouldn’t recommend the individual.

    As for the original story, I think to judge them we’d need more information. When you contacted The Pros after the fact, what was their explanation for missing the event? Did they offer any kind of reparations? Lots of things could explain why the person never showed up that don’t actually reflect on the reliability or integrity of the company itself. But how they respond afterwards surely matters.

  7. joanne says:

    wow. if only i had found this website BEFORE i booked this joke of a company! I cannot believe how UN- professional the “Pros” are. they were going to replace my Dj at the last minute without telling me. i only found out through contacting the dj on his cell phone..he let me in on the bad news. in trying to get out of the contract i had to call back MANY times with much miss communication through out the “management”.. and they still are saying they wont give me my deposit back – from a breech of contract on their part…I DONT THINK SO! they have never heard of the better business bureau or hank phillipi ryans , or for that matter, my lawyer. well, they will. this company shouldnt exist. what a money making scheme it is. i replaced my dj ( thank god- as its only two weeks before the wedding, and the manager of the pros said, “thats plenty of time”, apparently he’s never been a bride planning her entire wedding) for HALF the price, and im so excited! tell everyone you know – NOT to hire the pros..

  8. Dan says:

    This company “The Pros” sounds a lot like the company “Solid Gold” which was then changed to “Solid Gold Sound” and then to “A Solid Gold Sound” They had to keep changing their name because of the bad reputation they have. $499 for a wedding is ridiculously low, as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. The “company” is located in one state but they “SUB-CONTRACT” out the business in all the other states. Are they listed with the Secretary of State in your state as a legal business? In many states it is the law that they have to be registered and pay taxes in the states they perform in. Also check with the BBB in your state as well as the home state of this business to find out if they have complaints about them and if the BBB thinks they handled them properly or not. If you search the web you may find more discouraging news about this and other DJ services.

  9. Dan says:

    “After meeting with the premier design agencies in Philadelphia and New York, I chose AgileCat to completely re-brand our company. While it was a complex project, AgileCat did a wonderful job of staying true to our vision while producing an original image beyond our imagination. Since launching our new image, sales have sky rocketed over 30%.”

    Brian M. Tessler
    Chief Marketing Officer
    The Pros Entertainment Inc.

    • Liz says:

      That’s good for you but what about all the people that paid alot of money for your services and didn’t get professional Pros.
      They were far from PROS at my Son’s wedding.In one of your responces you said your company does every thing to fix the problems. Well not in my case in fact you never even called me back!

  10. Dan says:

    June 07, 1998
    RIAA Obtains Quarter Million Dollar Settlement For Illegal DJ Compilation

    Washington, DC – The Recording Industry Association of America obtained $250,000 cash in a settlement with The Pros Entertainment Services, Inc. — a Philadelphia-based DJ company — for claims of copyright infringement. The Pros illegally manufactured 500 sets of a nine-volume DJ compilation called DJ Tools. The settlement was reached before commencing a formal lawsuit. In addition, The Pros has agreed to the RIAA conducting unannounced, on site inspections of their inventory over the next three years. This settlement is part of an ongoing effort by the RIAA to address flagrant copyright infringement by certain DJs who create and manufacture multi-disk compilations of top hits without obtaining appropriate licenses from the copyright holders.

    In January 1995 Dennis Tessler, president of The Pros Entertainment Services, placed the unlicensed 500 set order with a domestic CD plant that promptly notified the RIAA. The Pennsylvania State Police Department, with assistance from the RIAA, confiscated the CDs upon delivery from the plant.

    “We are pleased to bring closure to this case and delighted by the outcome — it’s an appropriate settlement given the nature of the infringements, ” said Steve D’Onofrio, RIAA executive vice president and director of anti-piracy. “DJs are not exempt from copyright laws. Each and every song on a compilation must be authorized.”

  11. Experienced says:

    The Pro’s are just middlemen, you are booking a website, not personalized service. They get their people from craigslist, then add on a service charge of 300%

    Videographers and photographers work for $250 or $300 a day, are told to shoot without style (since if they start getting creative, they might end up with nothing), so it’s very meat and potatoes at best.

    Videographers are told to shoot on tripods and don’t try anything new. Most of the Craigslist videographers are not that experienced in the first place, so being told to get static shots is not a bad idea, but is this what you want for your wedding???

    Price, well, its not cheap as they advertise, cheap work, yes, but paying $795 for a $300 videographer (you can book yourself on craigslist) and $50 for the edit to slap a company promo logo and then roll off the raw footage, is $550 more then you can find yourself.

    Now, what the Pros are doing is not a bad business model, its not reliable or consistent and its hit and miss, mostly something associated with them is below average or totally of and at your wedding, all the vendors have to be experienced since this is when things go wrong.

    a DJ that gets all the names mixed up, then plays the wrong songs or has no personality, and to top it off wears that tacky name tag on jobs and constantly blurts out ThePros advertisments all wedding long.

    a photographer that is learning and experimenting with your wedding, its just a local person taken off craigslist, you can book that yourself, same guy or gal, no difference except you save $$$ if you go to craigslist yourself.

    a videographer that doesn’t know how to operate the gear, blows out the shots, misses key moments, etc. Your cousing could do the same.

    The Pros hi-tailed it out of most states, and even though the used to have telephone sales teams in some states with some open houses at Dave and Busters to try to get brides to sign up, they no longer are doing that, they ran back to New Jersey and left the sales people overnight, so if thats the kind of company you want to deal with, then just be careful you don’t end up standing left at the alter without vendors, and certainly not with anyone skilled.

    Going back to their business model, its a good money making scam, many brides are only looking for price, they tote a Best of the Knot, but they don’t tell you they bonus brides for posting those votes, they only tell you the weddings that were complete, no mention to how many they screwed up.

    They boast “the most reccomended vendor”, yet also mean “the most no shows in the business”, they post on the priavte WEVA forum they do 13,000 events a year and having some screwups is normal, and they are right, the numbers are against them, thier liability is more then any vendor in the industry, and overall it doesnt look bad on their bank accounts, yet it will matter when it’s YOUR wedding that gets messed up.

    So those brides that are looking for price will have a decent chance thier vendors complete the task, you might be the one that gets screwed up.

    Local companies wtih reliable reputations are not doing 13,000 events a year, they are doing 15, 20, perhaps 100 if they are very busy, yet they will make sure your wedding comes out better then someone hired from craigslist since they are looking to do thier best, not show up, get a few hundred bucks and walk away from the wedding, they do it from start to finish.

    How hard would you work if you normally got $1000 or more and were hired out for $250-300?? Not your best, so its the same for their vendors.

    Joel is not coming from New Jersey to shoot your wedding and he only cares about numbers, not you.

    So my rating from that company is not an F, its broken into a few sections.

    Business plan – A
    Liability Factor – F
    Customer Service – C
    Support to thier staff and crews – F

    So overall my rating for them is C-

    btw – I am a vendor that has worked with some of their crew and not once did I see anything exceptional about the talent, some photographers were first time wedding shooters experimenting.

    In all fairness, Bella is the same setup, they promise some sort of matching vendor with bride, but our on site experience tells us that the marketing scam, there is no training, their is no matching, its only which craigslit person is availalbe for a date.

    Good luck on your wedding vendor search, and it’s better to support local companies and keep the money in your state instead of sending it to Dennis in New Jersy. He really doesn’t care about you, he cares about his position with the Jefferson Bank.

    Do a google search for

    “Dennis J. Tessler Joins Jefferson Bank Advisory Board”

    • Ted says:

      Bullshit – Bullshit – Bullshit

      Find out for yourself they do not hide they are now in every major metropolitan city because upset and jaded competitors paste this CRAP. It makes photographers like me all over the world have to work for them because they get ALL of The work! Do your research before posting negative shit. You got the location wrong (NJ? WTF?) you got pay wrong and you got the advertising wrong major companies like this use craig’s list and hundreds of other paid and non paid recruitment method.

      So Let me see since you are WRONG on just about everything YOU GET AN F as well

      • Anonymous says:

        ted sounds a lot like brian swift from above. and thanks to ted/dan swift and this whole blog, i’m so glad i decided to directly go with a local photographer for my wedding. i’m happy to know that the amount that i’m paying will go 100% to him as opposed to a booker. plus, the first thing the local photographer said to me when i called was “this is what i can do for you in your budget, come into my office to see my work and let me know if it’ll work for your needs”. the first thing the pros said on the phone to me was “let me get back to you to see if there are photographers in your area available for that date”. hmm, a day later, i still haven’t heard back from them.

        ted – you just made it worse for the pros; why would i want to hire someone who fakes his name and is belligerent and rude?

  12. Anthony says:

    As an experienced collegiate professor and digital multimedia specialist I can say that no “serious” videographer would outsource their skills to another company at a percentage of the cut; especially when the contracted individual would be responsible for 95% of the work.

    I was led to this web thread after a simple Yahoo search for “The Pros Wedding Services”. Why was a searching “The Pros Wedding Services”? I was a bit curious! You see, from time to time I like to browse job solicitations on just to see what new and intriguing opportunities might be out there.

    As a professional videographer I found “The Pros” job solicitation on to be an incredible insult to fellow videographers; it actually made me a bit mad. Apparently, they want to hire wedding videographers that will work at the rate of $300 per wedding. On top of this they expect you to submit a portfolio and go through their interviewing process; a big waste of time for only $300 a job if you ask me. What an insult! For those who aren’t familiar with wedding videos and fair pricing for such work, let me put it into perspective: Videographers have to have nice equipment which is very expensive ($8,000 per camera, $2,000 audio/mics, $2,000 fluid head tripods, $2,500 lights, etc.) and a certain amount of passion and talent in order to capture video that will be truly memorable. If the client wants the video edited, and who doesn’t, the videographer could be looking at upwards of 100 hours to produce a high quality product. Remember, the videographer has to go through all of the footage cutting it together into sections, color correct, create splashes/graphics, master sound, build/encode DVD w/ menu, design and print DVD package materials, etc. etc… The average wedding video should cost the consumer between $3,500-$15,000. If you’re paying less than this you’re probably not going to end up with the best possible outcome. If you’re paying more, well, I’m sure if you shop around you’ll find someone capable of delivering just as good of a product for less than $15,000.

    As a general rule of thumb, don’t go through an intermediary when hiring a videographer! Shop around locally and on the internet. Talk to friends who’ve hired a videographer before to get an idea for what they paid and their satisfaction with the final product.

    Anyhow, all I’m saying is that no respectable videographer would outsource their skills for the type of peanuts that “The Pros” pay their contractors. Likewise, I’m not surprised that they have so many unhappy customers!

  13. Jay says:

    Did anyone ever get told that they were going to receive their deposit refunded and never did? That was my experience, even though I was told, by their website, that I would, if I canceled by 7 days. Thank you reviews for making me back out of this crappy situation, I ended up finding a great DJ on my own. I hope that my deposit is actually being refunded like I was told…

  14. Don't Do It says:

    It sounds like the owner of “the Pros” is a liar and should be compared with the likes of “A Solid Gold Sound”. He did not admit any guilt in what they did at this wedding. It looks like he didn’t even read the letter because the person said the Videographer did not even show up at all, Dennis said the Video guy was late, sounds like another wedding gonne bad.

    Neither one of these companies actually employs any DJ’s, Photographers or Videographers. They book the event, take your money & then hope that they can get some clown that they call blindly in your area to do your Wedding for $200.00.

    I truly hope that any comsumer will research these two businesses in detail before they waste their money & disaster strikes at “the MOST important day of their lives”.

    How much do you think they paid “The Knot” to call them “The Knots Best of Weddings”????

  15. Niki Nava says:

    I too mistakenly, hired “The Pros” for my photography and videography on the biggest day of my life. That was the biggest mistake I made. The photographer I selected from one of their cheese and wine tastings was a no-show the day of my wedding, so they dispatched another photographer, who knew nothing about my check list or what I was looking for. As a result, I have 2 pictures with my mother (awkwardly posed) no pictures with my flowers girls, child and more questionable shots, than good quality ones. Additionally my videographer was late, though he did call because traffic was horrendous that day! The videographer was nice and you hardly noticed his presence, however after receiving my Grand Event video I am completely and utterly disappointed! The photo lead in is full screen instead of the photos dropping down into the screen, the font is basic and unattractive, the video is shot 85 % in close up view, which allows for awkward moments to be viewed (We could have wore jeans to our wedding and no one would have noticed by the video). Additionally, my daughter’s and maid of honor’s speech was cut off in the first few seconds due to editing and the editing overall was horrific! When confronted about these issues The Management team led by Hugh Riley and Vince Pisek was handled in my opinion very poorly. Vince did everything but accuses me of lying for a refund because according to him he deals with “people like you every day” and spoke to me in a tone which was accusatory as oppose to sympathetic. I mean we are talking about photography and videography the proof is there. They know I received bad service and are just not willing to own up to it. At the end of the day I received a $300 refund on my photography and an upgrade on my video, which truthfully, the raw footage may have been better.

    With the Pros, you get what you pay for!

    Pay the extra money for a real photographer, videographer and editing and most importantly do your homework!!!! Do not be fooled by what is seen at a wine and cheese tasting, that is not what you will receive.

  16. DJ says:

    What everyone is saying is basically true. Take it from the guy who worked for the company for years.

    • DJ says:

      All the negative things about this company aren’t all true, but pretty close! “The Pros” entertainment services, really are a middle man when think about it.. This company does not hire employees, they hire IC’s (independent contractors) So in saying this, if you did hire the The Pros, you really hired, (Joe’s DJ’s or Johns / Magic Music man / Craiglsist man :-)) someone from their list of IC’s..

      Now, keep in mind, I’m not saying these guys are from cragslist, some are pretty experienced talented and professional.. The ones who walk thru the door with no experience, are the ones to look out for.. These are the men and women who go thru a 2 week training session, then sent out to work! Yes two weeks! Oh, and yes they are sent on Weddings after the training..

      I mean would you want someone who was trained for 2 week sent out on your wedding day?!? I personally wouldn’t.. This is the biggest day of a couples life.. The last thing they want to worry about is their DJ, Photographer or Videographer.. Not with everything else going on that week before the big day..

      Trying to keep this short and sweet.. This is the main reason you will get no shows an unprofessional workers at your event, is the way the company is ran.. Dennis/this company does not TREAT or PAY it’s IC’s well at all.. This is a major role is why you get, what you get on your big day..

      Almost forgot

      Photographers and Videographers are told what to shoot! This is the same for ALL WEDDINGS! The Pros does not like creativity from the staff, or a heavy shooting photographer (takes a lot of photos).. It’s digital so why would it matter?! An why worry about the number on the top of you Nikon when you’re in the moment!

      Well..If your wondering why!! It’s because all footage is sent out to Pakistan for editing! The more shots or video they need to edit, the more money the company needs to put out.. An DENNIS does not like using anymore money then he needs to!!

      Hope this rant helps some Brides in the future.. Thanks for listening all..

      The DJ
      Former IC

    • Ted says:


  17. aua868s says:

    way out of topic…we take so much care and planning for our weddings only to end up in high divorce rates….(divorce rates rising up steadily in USA)

  18. sandiego says:

    I used the pros for my DJ, photography and videography, and like most people here, also regret using them. You DO get what you pay for.
    My DJ had issues, but overall played good music.
    My photos were all taken in front of the one patch of dead grass there was. A skilled photographer should have noticed that and moved us one foot back.
    By far my biggest regret was buying the video. It was the most important part to be so I payed top dollar and got the master piece video. After anxiously waiting 12 weeks for the results, I got a video that looked like some kid edited it in his parents basement with his free downloaded video editing software. The music made it sound like a bad 80’s porn video. I hate it and now have to pay another company to re edit it. They dont tell you ahead of time they can only use studio music.
    Long story short, trust these reviews and use a smaller more personal company!

  19. DJ says:

    Sorry to hear that, but have to say, I’m not surprised one bit.. The Pros, send all the editing work out to Pakistan!! This is why the editing turns out the way it does.. These people who are editing don’t know you, from John Doe! Nor do they care! For them, it’s all a numbers game, thats it, just numbers.. It’s how many videos and photos they can they hammer out each month.. For the future, (if I may) I personally like using Photographers and Videographers who edit their own work.. In my experience (10 years in Weddings) you will always get better results.. Not only will a true professional be seeing the couple in the moment as they happen, they also capture your true highlights.. Your likes, views, and visions.. Editing is where it shows up most (imo).. Who better to edit then the professionals who actually worked the event..

    Don’t want to rant forever because I know I could!

    About the Photographer, I agree 100% once again.. A skilled professional should have known better and moved you away from the dead grass eye sore.. Weather it be a different location or even just a few steps back as you mentioned..

    I really don’t know if this would help but did you call and mention you are now putting money out of your pocket for a re edit?

    Hopefully this link/page gets going pretty good, so more soon to be Brides can have fair warning..


    • Anonymous says:

      I realize now how important it is to use a smaller company for editing. I did call customer service and mentioned this to them, and that I will be getting the video re done. The guy said “you videographer doesnt really know you” basically he just spent time with you. Okay I know I didnt become best friends with the guy but he knew me a little better than the guy in Pakistan. They said there was not much he could about the video because it is illegal to add different music and the prices would be “astronomical” to get copy rights. So how do all these other compaines do it?
      They did offer me $150 voucher to use more of their services. Thanks but really? Oh well, reading some of the other posts here and on other sites, i guess i didnt have it that bad.

  20. DJ says:

    Thats their best solution for solving the unprofessional work they display.. Offer past clients a $150.00 voucher, only to go right back to their pocket.. What a joke..

    During their yearly meeting with all of us (photographers, videographers DJ’s) They used to read off a few of the complaints (email/letters) they received over the past year.. In some cases they did give money back to the unhappy client.. This was normally a major screw up though!

    Me personally, I used to laugh at some of the STUPID crap the IC’s couldn’t do right.. I could use a couple examples, but reading on line lately I’m starting to see you all already know 🙁

    former IC

  21. anthony says:

    why the hell are djs commenting on Photography & Videography. LOOKS like upset former contractors who were fired for one reason or another.

    Heres an example on pay:

    what do you pay an accountant?


    What do you pay H&R Block?

    GET IT?




  22. Anonymous says:

    That’s telling it Dennis…..

    Jeff Dunston
    Pros DJ

    • joe says:

      We are getting ready to book the pros for our wedding. Now I am not sure. How can I find out more info. We were booking a photographer and dj in california and both of them claim to have done over 200 weddings.

      • MissusVee says:

        Joe.. DON’T DO IT! If you’re here and reading then you already know in your heart these guys are clowns. I used them in August for my wedding for the photography. What a joke, my 17 year old could’ve done a better job with her cell phone. The photos had all sorts of things in them that the photographer (well.. one with decent eyesite) should have seen before hitting the button. The colors were all wrong making people look dead and such. I complained and dealt with Tomas Banks, who swiftly offered us 500.00 back.. of course he made up for that for the company by downgrading our package to a lesser one (thus really gave us no credit whatsoever!). So now we come to the final prints, our book came out okay, I had to do a lot of black and white to cover the color issue and had to pick around to avoid unsightly background junque so it took some time. We’d ordered a large print and when it came it was poorly edited so now we get to look at a bad picture for the rest of our lives. I went on to order the candy album for my mother in law (we’d paid in advance) I was just past the deadline so my photos are no longer available. Emailed them a week ago and got no answer, I called just now and a customer serv person tried to tell me that their email isn’t working… funny… I can ping their servers!! Basically.. read what’s here and go elsewhere… I’ve got a call into the owners but don’t think they’ll respond. It seems this company strives for mediocrity!

  23. Gabesphoto says:

    Well I read everyone’s comment. I used to work for a similar corporation and let me tell you that you will always be better off hiring someone who is a true craftsmen of their trade be it photography,videography or DJ/MC.

    Even highly trained photographers who work for such middlemen just don’t have the same incentive to produce quality work.

    I have nothing against other peoples of the world but I believe in hiring locally first and then go further if the quality is there.

  24. DJ2 says:

    If anyone books with this company you are completely foolish take it from someone who work with this company for years. There “hall of fame djs are the most unprofessional in the business and the focus more on the cheese factor than on making your wedding flow flawless and they yell and that dj that does. Personally I used to take my own assistant out on every gig to help handle requests and to make sure the event flowed smoothly at no charged to the bride and was never a problem well I got yelled at because this never heard of by them and they said that I need to focus more on props than on having the proper music for the event. Personally I have been djying for over 15 years and I don’t work this way book with a local company depending on your taste or a national company that you can screen you dj carefully. A good dj can switch gears and properly meet everyone music needs through out evening with out being unprofessional or overbearing.

  25. gee says:

    These guys sound alot like solid gold sound. A total scam company. They charge $495. Then get a DJ from Craigslist for $150. Then never pay them. What a scam. Then they go out of business or change there names. I know I’m a DJ who was cheated by Solid Gold Sound. These guys sound like they are a reincarnation of Solid Gold sound and Formef scam artist owner John Kruer.

    • Todd says:

      I am a “hired” dj for The Pros. I have been in business for over 20 years. Though you may have run across some problems with Solid Gold Sound. They are no way affiliated with The Pros. Our city staff is professional, and always working our best to make the Bride and Grooms day special. Don’t compare us to a bunch of yo-yo’s that give the mobile Dj business a bad name.

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