The Pros Wedding Services Not Reliable

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I spent a fun weekend fishing, seeing my parents, and, oh yeah, attended a beautiful wedding. Two of my college friends became one and I can safely say that everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves and that it was a great time. The ceremony was beautiful, the reception was a lot of fun, and the cake was delicious. (Actually everything was delicious, I think I gained ten pounds between all the alcohol and the food) The only blemish on the night, not for me personally, was the absence of the videographer, from “The Pros,” who didn’t show up at all. At all.

This led me to wonder… does a large company, with a presence in multiple states, really necessarily mean reliability or good service? In most cases you would say yes because there has to be a reason why they grew to the size they are and that reason has to be a high level of service and reliability such that they get a lot of business. “However, value in product is only true value when it is supported by consistent, excellent service.” states their website but they weren’t consistent and who knows about their service since they never showed up.

In this particular case, no, and in fact I would venture to guess in a scenario such as this one (only one chance at it, you can’t be late or flaky or anything… it’s a wedding!) the best bet would be to go with a small one or two person operation (who does it out of enjoyment or is trying to make a name for themselves) that come with good references. Would I have guessed this before this weekend? Never.

Sadly, the couple were warned that The Pros were not 100% reliable, a product of having such a large operation, but very few videographers will give you 8 hours of raw footage (most cut and splice it down to a 30 minute product) so they reserved them anyway. The Pros can afford to miss a few weddings because they conduct so much business. They can afford to miss a few? Ridiculous! Now, do I know the full story? No I don’t, but I do know there was no videographer at the ceremony and that a very capable DJ, who did happen to have a camera, did catch the reception so all was not lost.

The Pros are not reliable, based only on this one situation, and I recommend that you not take the risk of their services. Dennis J. Tessler, Brian M. Tessler, and C. Keith Tessler should be ashamed of themselves that they permitted this to happen.

This is a courteous response sent recently (November 06, 2007) by President and CEO Dennis Tessler:

For several years now when people “Google” The Pros Weddings within the first page is an extremely uncomplimentary article about our company written by a guests at a wedding at which, according to this guest, The Pros videographer was late and missed the ceremony. Since we have no idea what wedding this relates to, the circumstances, or what restitution was made to the client, it is impossible for me to comment on this specific incident. However, after all these years of having to see this article I decided there is a need to respond.

Accepting the letter at face value, it appears, for whatever reason, the videographer was late. If so, I am confident we did everything reasonable and more to make restitution with the bride. I can speak with confidence that everything is done to ensure such instances are extremely rare.

The Pros is a family owned business. I am the owner and my two sons, Keith and Brian, are working hard to build this business for their family’s future. We, along with a dedicated staff, all work extremely hard, to provide the finest in wedding services. Last year we provided service to 8,000 weddings and in total did 13,000 services. We did not build this business by disappointing brides. In fact, we are the most referred provider of disc jockey, video and photography in the nation. With those referrals comes a trust we take very seriously.

Recently, we were given “The Knots Best of Weddings” award as rated by The Knot brides.

We do everything possible to create reliability and are extremely successful in this pursuit. We spend significant dollars in order to have emergency back up in every area at all times. Should a last minute issue prevent a professional from performing their duties, an 800 line is provided which goes directly to a qualified individual, armed with the information necessary to dispatch a backup on a moment’s notice. Because we have a highly professional, stable workforce of individuals
who have been part of The Pros, most of them for a very long time, our emergency line is not as active as one would think. I am constantly amazed that the quantity of work we do and the very few problems we have. It is a credit to those individuals with whom we have been able to surround ourselves.

The article you present “The Pros Wedding Services Not Reliable” written by a guest at a wedding who provides little detail, perhaps because of a lack of information, about what actually happened at a wedding no one can identify, is highly inaccurate and extremely misleading. It undermines the reputation of not only our family business but the 500 people who work so very hard to create an the organization of which we are so proud.

The article has been up for a very long time. I ask you to use your good judgment as to whether it indefinitely serves the consumer community. Perhaps the time has come to take it down. Your
consideration of this matter is greatly appreciated.

Dennis J. Tessler
President and Chief Executive Officer

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87 Responses to “The Pros Wedding Services Not Reliable”

  1. John says:

    My Grandfather use to say on such occasion: “Тhere is no smoke without any fire”..

  2. diana says:

    I have been trying to book this company for a long time now. The person that you put me in touch with was not responsible. I would like to talk to anyone other than the girl that have me connected with. All the people I emailed did not respond to my questions. I can’t just book them when they didn’t respond. How do I know they will show up. Please call me at your soonest convenience. 248-790-9541 Thank you, Diana And Cliff

  3. Alisa says:

    I haven’t used the company, but I’ve read numerous negative reviews about The Pros and this article seems right up that alley.

  4. Tracy says:

    I am extremely disappointed in this company. I booked one of their videographers for my wedding and was just informed that he was cancelling. They took it upon themselves to appoint me a stand in who I knew NOTHING about and did not pick myself. I cannot believe how UNPROFESSIONAL it is to call me and tell me my videographer has decided to attend a family event out of state the day of my wedding. He had already confirmed my wedding months ago. This is just unacceptable to me. I would NOT recommend working with The Pros to anyone. They did not offer anything to fix the error on their part. If I decide to walk, I lost my $100 deposit even though THEY did not hold up their end.

    • Robert says:

      don’t you have in writing that they can guarantee the person %100. If not I would look for a company that does.

  5. Jane says:

    My sister had booked a Pros DJ for her wedding. He never showed up, no phone call, nothing. We even called the company 3 hours prior to the wedding and they ASSURED us he would be there. When my sister called them they told her they could have somebody there by 9pm, for a reception that started at 5pm. This is a terrible company and would not recommend them to anyone!

  6. James says:

    I used them for my wedding photography and they totally screwed up my special day. I have very little in terms of professional photos to even look at.

  7. Janice says:

    Well the person that posted this article originally may not have had all the info about that particular issue but I have all the info about mine.

    When I originally signed up to use The Pros I had booked a photographer named Hunter. I really loved her pictures and her style. I was very excited to work with her. After a few months of making payments and thinking everything was fine, I get an email from Scott saying that Hunter is no longer available and they now booked me (without asking me before hand) with Victoria. Now when I first looked at her pictures I didn’t really like them but I advised Scott that I was a little concerened and he said not to worry that I would not be disappointed and I was in great hands with Victoria. So a few months went by and this whole time I’m thinking about how I don’t really like this girls pictures. I finally send an email to my consultant. Her name is Gina. I voice my concern to her telling her I’m just looking for a little reassurance. She then sends me 2 full weddings that Victoria had shot. I still did not like the pictures. I emailed Gina back and told her I still didn’t like the style of the pictures. I even sent her a picture of the kind of thing I was looking for. I told her that I really didn’t want to go anywhere else but at this point I was a little worried about whether or not I was going to be happy with my pictures. Gina responded by saying “I’m sorry you feel this way. I’ll cancel your contract”. I cannot express how upset I was about this! I never said I wanted to cancel my contract. I was hoping that Gina could give me some different options of photographers that may fit my style a little better but that was not the case. They were so unprofessional. Now reading there other reviews I’m really glad the contract was cancelled because the photographer may not have even showed up!!!!

  8. Tim says:

    They actually song like the other DJ/Video National Corporate Rip off like “A Solid Gold Sound” They would hire subcontractors (DJ’s & Videographers) in a city and have them tell customers that they were employess so it would ease there minds. They would paythem crappy wages, charge the customer alot then would not pay their help for the work already done. That explains why these Videographer & DJ’s don’t show up. They can cover up this all with the fancy advertising and toll free numbers, like Janice said …they never answered any of her questions or return her emails….then I’d be nervous too. Always shop local for a company who is stable and around for a while.

  9. Ari says:

    Yep, you definitely do not want to hire The Pros, or any other big company like this that provides wedding photos/DJ/video (Complete Music/Photo/Video is another). These companies aren’t local. You are going to pay them to hire someone else in your area, and trust me, they are going to hire someone who works cheap so they make money on the deal. Hire a local photographer, DJ, and videographer that has good reviews and references. Someone that you can meet months ahead of time, if not longer, and build a rapport with.

  10. Arienna says:

    I would have to agree with Ari. On such an important day like your wedding dealing with a large company like this compromises quality and service and things slip through the cracks. When i recently got married I used a smaller professional company who did this full time but limited their weddings to 2 per eday for quality control. I felt more comfortable knowing this. Although i paid way more than the advertised price of $595 of The pros I really felt i got the attention for the money I paid for. I chose quality first and then price. Good luck to all you ladies out there getting married. Just thought i share my opinion since i have gone through it.

  11. jenny v. says:

    I just got married on 02-04-12 and used the pros wedding services. I must say i disagree with you all. They were very affordable, showed up on time, and were great. My photos were available online edited in 1 week! My dvds came in in 2 weeks. They even gave me a replacement when my dvds got magnetized as i was traveling abroad and took them with me. My album is gorgeous and my 80 bonus 8×10 are flawless. Sorry, but if you haven’t used the service, you really don’t have a right to bash it. Just my opinion.

    • Ari says:

      Glad you had a good experience Jenny. I stand by my statement though that these umbrella-type companies that do multiple things in-house are probably not the best choice. If you want a good DJ, hire a local, professional DJ. Same with photo and video. Here’s a good example of why not to hire the Pros:

      Why is that bad? Completely unprofessional. Cords everywhere. One light that won’t do anything but spin all night, probably even during the first dance. And a really tacky sign on top of it all. The Pros? Hardly.

  12. Katie says:

    This company ruined so many moments of my wedding! They were horrible! The DJ wouldn’t call me back, then canceled the day before my wedding. They waited to tell me so I was just calling everyone i could trying to get a hold of anyone. Finally I did and they said they had another DJ lined up. He showed up looking like a homeless man in a suit with boxes of CDs. I spent all this money on a wedding for him to put card board boxes of CDs at the front of the reception. He took forever to get our first dance song on after we were announced. He stopped me and my husbands first dance mid way through and turned it off. Me and my father were going to start a song and then stop it mid way through and go into a song that we use to dance to all the time when I was little. He didn’t have the right song and in front of all the guests just kept saying “That’s what they told me!!!” He didn’t play any of the songs i requested on their check list of songs you’d like to hear, he played inappropriate songs for kids being in the room, my guest spent all night trying to get me and my dads dance back with no help from the DJ. He was a nightmare!!! The company did reimburse part of my money for the DJ but they were still snippy and acted like they didn’t believe me. Overall there are moments from my wedding that I never get back because of this company. Do not use them!!!! They are lazy, your rep will change constantly throughout the time you book and they won’t ever call you back if you need something, they are slow at letting you know if anything has happened and their staff are filled with people who no one wants to work with in the first place which is why their with them. It’s the only way they’ll be able to get a job. Watch out with this one! It’s not worth it!!!! Spend the extra money! It’s a whole bunch of planning rejects trying to run a business they have no business being in.

    • justme says:

      I hired the pros got 800 hundred unprofessional looking photos with cut off heads shut eyes opened mouth the whole bit my photographer look as if he was going camping and kept trying to send my bridal party away to drink at the reception after only taking 4 pictures my djs music skipped system went down for 20 mins and he didnt bring the song for my rememberance dance with my older brother for my younger brother who passed away 5 years ago he Also didnt bring the song for me and my mom to dance to since she was a single mother he also didnt play the songs on my playlist instead he started playing dirty club music i called the pros to see what they could do and they were ridiculous i paid extra money for unlimted coverage and got 800 shots but like 300 diffrent pictures i also paud for a storybook album that i wanted to cancel since i dont have 180 usable photos the pros said refunds werent in their policy but offered to enhance my photos and ensured me they fired the dj as if that makes me feel any better it doesnt if i could go back i wouldnt have blown 3300 dollars on such a horriable service if they do make things right which i dont see how they can i will retract this PLEASE GO ELSE WHERE!!!

  13. Nancy says:

    I would NOT recommend the pros to anyone! The photographer was anything but professional! He almost started a fight! At my wedding, my special day! He called one of the waiters a prick just because he did not want his photograph taken! Completely unnecessary drama and all because of the photographer! I was so mad so upset i kicked him out of the wedding! Oh also, everytime i would call customer service , i would get attitude from whoever would answer! They are not friendly at all.

  14. Ed says:

    I was a guest at my wife’s BFF’s wedding last year. I had been invited by the bride to be the wedding’s official photographer but I refused it just because I don’t have experience in photographing wedding events yet. I just do studio portraits, landscapes, commercial shots, etc. except weddings. So, I advised the bride to hire a PROFESSIONAL WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER because it is his (the wedding photog’s) business and I don’t want to ruin her big event. The bride listened but I volunteered to be the photographer taking only candid shots at the wedding. I was shocked when there was only one photographer showed up, normally from a big company, there should be at least 2 photographers to cover the event taking different creative angles as photographing wedding events should be a competitive business. But the hired photographer seemed like didn’t know what he’s supposed to be taking photos of. I still have to be the one to shoot some important parts of the wedding ceremony. Lots of times he comes to my spot (opposite his) when he realizes that it’s better there just to take photos from that angle. I’m pretty sure his camera is set to burst mode (taking at least 3 shots in one push of the button) and also looked like in auto mode. Few days after the wedding when the photos from The Pros were posted online, the bride was so disappointed with the results. Most of the shots were dark and need to be retouched (brightened up for sure), all of the photos weren’t actually professionally done! They seem photos taken from a point & shoot digital camera. The bride was so angry and regretful that she even gave a big tip to the photographer after the wedding without knowing of the photo results. I guess the bride hired the wrong people. I wonder why they call themselves “The Pros”.

  15. Snowie says:

    Were all these written by the same person?

  16. Carmela says:

    Anybody who books with “The Pros” is plain and simply “Gambling”. Most of their work is mediocre at best. Why is it that you can’t find a gallery of videos or photos anywhere by them. All the real “Pros” post their work on Vimeo or Youtube. Why not “The Pros”? Hmmmmm

  17. Ruby says:

    Carmela is correct…you are certainly gambling when you hire any company like this. There are certainly great results and really good professionals…if you get one of them.

    As far as the guy who suggested a big company would send two photographers….this is a BUDGET company. The customers want a better deal than hiring a local studio and sometimes you are lucky and sometimes you get what you pay for. The photographers are not paid for what they or their equipment are worth….Customers who do not VALUE their images will take this risk!

    The wedding guest says hire someone who does it for the “love” of shooting weddings. Seriously? I hope we all love what we do, but remember these are professionals who need to support themselves like you do and it is a VERY expensive business to run. If you want cheap and you want to start considering your photography an hourly service job (where they are not payed for their art, equipment, expertise)…I hope you are lucky and I know you should be prepared to be disappointed.

  18. Ann says:

    The wedding pics for my sons wedding were blurry. So much so that we didn’t get to even view them for over a month. They were telling us that the photographers disc was not good and had him send them numerous ones. They knew it was bad but told us that they would act on our complaints until they picked the album pics and it was completed. They picked the prints. The album was the wrong color and the pictures were not in the order. One of the full page pics of them was not cropped because it would have been very blurry if enlarged and it showed people in the background not knowing they were being photographed. Sorry for not reading the fine print that in order to take them to small claims court you have to go to Penn. Who would have thought such a large company could be so shady. After a year we are still trying to get a refund. Cell phone pictures from friends were so much better. Also, nothing was edited before it was sent to us. There were over 1000 bad pictures to choose from. Ha ha. Next stop Better Business Bureau.

  19. Yvonne says:

    I am really sorry to hear that these individuals (15-recently..last 4 years) had a problem with The Pros. But I used them years ago and had beautiful pictures, videos and DJ experience. Now my wife and I will be having an anniversary reception and plan on using them again. I think when people have a bad experience they are very quick at posting their comments but like us we are late in complimenting the service. Not to take away from your concerns on a very important day but remember you get what you pay for. The Pros offer services with different discount packages. If you want more make sure you have let them know when you set up your plan.
    For the new customer that is considering The Pros, I would like to think that the comments above represent a very small percentage of the client base they have serviced.


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