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This Post Not Sponsored by Interest.com

If you read any personal finance blogs lately, you’ll likely have seen that LAMoneyGuy [3], Mapgirl [4], Neville [5], Make Love Not Debt [6], and perhaps a few more have Interest.com advertisements all over their site. They’re getting paid for those advertisements and I congratulate them. Some would say that they’re “selling out” or that they’ve given up a little piece of themselves to Interest.com, I say that’s all a bunch of crap. If someone approached me a year ago and offered me enough money to sponsor my blog, leaving me full editorial rights and control, I would’ve probably taken it.

Let’s say you have a $500/mo. deal for one year, that’s a solid $6,000 for absolutely no more work. You don’t need to email people when their advertisements expire, you don’t need to sign up and track any affiliate programs, you don’t need to do anything at all. You just get a direct deposit (or a check) each month, a 1099-MISC at the end of the year, and you can do something else with your life. I made about $2,000 in 2005 from blogging, if someone offered me $500/mo, I would’ve snatched it up in a heartbeat. I’d take the $6,000, grow my blog, and then cut myself a larger deal next time around.

Congratulations to everyone who was able to turn their hobby into a nice chunk of change.