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Thousands of “Insider” Tips from Reddit

If you have a few (dozen) hours to kill and want to learn some pretty insightful things, I have to recommend this fantastic thread on Reddit [3] where users share all sorts of tips. There is a heavy dose of tips on how to buy electronics (warranties and how to abuse them), how to buy cars, fast food warnings (don’t get the Filet o’ Fish and always ask for unsalted or “well-done” fries to get a fresh batch), and a couple gems I’d put in the “money category.”

I spent about a good hour reading through the first few pages but now my brain is way too full of knowledge… here were a few money gems.


How I gauge wether or not to buy something:
When considering a purchase, picture a stranger offering you [the cash value of the purchase] or the item in question. Which is of greater value you? Which would you choose?
Source: lifehacker 🙂


A bum once told me he secret to life was owning stocks. I thought he was going to tell me that he was really a millionaire, but it turns out he just owned lots of different stocks so he could get steak dinners at all the shareholder meetings.


When you get a perscription from the Doctor, ask if they can script you the generic. They usually have no problems doing that , but you have to ask. This is especially great if you don’t have health insurance.

Here’s a particularly useful tip that isn’t money related…
username_attempt_999 (this is a throwaway name):

I was a lifeguard years ago, and the four P’s are always the best way to be efficient in an emergency:
Yes, in this particular order

Eg: I’m at 223 Glenshower Rd, Arkenvale. There is an infant, a woman around mid 30’s and a male 50yrs+ that have been involved in a car accident. The infant doesn’t appear to have injuries, the woman is conscious and has sustained a severe laceration to the stomach. The male in uncounscious but breathing. No visible wounds. A person on the scene is attending to the woman by applying pressure to the wound.

The operator is typing as you are talking, and by following this protocol, it is almost on the PDA of the ambulance in real time.
If this is done, you have saved what could be crucial time by not have to screw around with the operator asking questions and you answering.
And most of all, stay calm and speak clearly.