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Three Credit Agencies Adopt Common VantageScore

In the past when you went to Equifax, they’d give you their BEACON FICO score. If you went to Experian, you received the Experian/Fair Isaac Risk Model score. And finally, if you went to TransUnion, you received the EMPIRICA credit score. Each one gives you a score based on the data they have about you in their records and their own separate equations. The three credit scores will be in the same ballpark but until today, they didn’t use the same scoring mechanism and so differences could still exist. In a statement, all three agencies have adopted “VantageScore” system which will work a little differently than the current FICO (Fair Isaac Corp.) scoring system.

The only bit of knowledge that can be gleaned from the press release is that VantageScores will range from 501 to 990 (FICO scores ran from 350 to 850). Other than that, the only apparent difference between VantageScore and FICO scores is that with VantageScore all the agencies will use the same equation. With FICO, the credit agencies came up with their own equations and used Fair Isaac provided software to compute it.

A search on Google didn’t reveal much on VantageScore, I couldn’t find anything about how VantageScore is computed (even roughly) and no results for “VantageScore Solutions, LLC,” which was mentioned in the release. Anyone know anything about else about VantageScore? Sounds like the three credit reporting agencies are banding together to drop Fair Isaac Corp but it’s about time the three big boys at least use the same equations in calculating something as important as your credit score.

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