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Three Tiers of Furniture Quality

I believe the furniture world is split up into essentially three tiers:

Up until now, I’ve lived solely in the realm of the IKEA, Target, Wal-Mart world where the furniture was cheaply priced and, for all intents and purposes, the quality of the product was good enough for my uses. A bookcase is a bookcase and whether it’s $80 or $800, it holds books right? And if you move every year, or even every few years, you don’t want the high end or even the moderately priced furniture because you’re going to ding it, scratch it, bang it into walls, put unreasonable and undesigned stresses on it, and it’s going to shorten the lifespan of the product.

Well, now that I don’t foresee us doing any moving, I believe it’s time to move up the spectrum from IKEA to at least a Roomstore, Value City quality of product. Now, before you all jump on me about putting IKEA at the low end, I do so because I think anything there with moving parts has a lifespan of approximately three years (that’s if you don’t move). Furniture without moving parts are slightly more durable, bookcase shelves usually don’t bow for a long time and anything made of metal lasts “forever.” Honestly, IKEA knows what its doing, it positions itself as a cheap supplier of furniture and for many types of products it is still #1 on my list.

Will you ever see me buying something on the high end level? Maybe, who knows, being the son of immigrants, our family doesn’t have a long history in the country and thus there isn’t any furniture to pass down and so its not something that has ever entered into my mind. Should I buy it because it lasts? Perhaps, but spending a ridiculous sum of money on a dining room table that can get scuffed and scratched like an IKEA special isn’t something that appeals to me…

We spent the weekend walking around Roomstore looking for a little bench, seeing the beds and the couches on sale, and so I thought I’d put digital pen to paper and see what you all thought. I think I’m officially old now. Anyone have any thoughts on furniture?