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Timeshares Are Good Investments

This Devil’s Advocate post comes from my friend Lazy Man of Lazy Man and Money [3], owner of a timeshare in Aruba [4].

Almost every personal finance guru will tell you that it rarely makes sense to buy a timeshare. They often cite scary fine print, travel inflexibility, and difficulty in selling the timeshare. These are legitimate concerns for some timeshare owners, but not all. Back before I was heavily into personal finance, I considered a timeshare. And my girlfriend (now my wife) on a trip to Aruba actually bought one. Was it a bad decision? I don’t think so. Why? Well here are a few details that make our purchase seem “worth it.”

Four Reasons Why Timeshares Rock!

These reasons make owning a timeshare right for us. However, that’s doesn’t mean you should run out and buy a timeshare right this second. Like any purchase, a little research and a few smart buying decisions goes a long way.

Timeshare Buying Tips

What do you think of timeshares? Good value or a waste of money and time?

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