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Title Insurance: A Totally Legal Scam

When my friend refinanced her mortgage, I was surprised that she had to pay for title insurance all over again (and title insurance is not cheap, in fact, it’s pretty ridiculously expensive for what you get). See, the way I saw it, she paid for title insurance the first time around and it insured that her title was clean for her. So… if it was clean then (and insured against mistakes, fraud, etc.), why would she have to get it again considering there was only one change between the first time she bought it and the second time, the lender providing the loan. When you get title insurance, they’re supposed to double check that all the t’s are cross and all the i’s are dotted, and then insure you against their own mistakes. If you’re still the owner, why do you need to buy it again?

Well, it turns out that the title insurance follows the loan and the insurance policy expires when the loan is paid off. When you refinance, the new lender pays off the old lender, which means the old loan is paid off, and the title insurance expires… and you get the opportunity to pay for title insurance all over again. Talk about a scam that is totally legal…