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TJX Cos System Compromised, 47.5M Identities Stolen

Forty five million, seven hundred thousand. That’s how many, at the very least, credit card and debit card numbers were stolen from the systems of TJX Cos! Last December, they discovered “suspicious software” on their systems and traced the first intrusion back to July 2005. Thieves (don’t call them hackers, that’s so 1995) had access to data for over a year and stole at least 45.7M, though the actual number is unclear. Why? Well TJX deleted old data so they don’t know about all the cards they once knew about plus they held driver’s license information on customers who returned stuff without their credit cards.

What can you do to prevent this sort of thing? Are we going to see rotating credit card numbers (like SecureID fobs) that are valid for a minute or two? What about more and more people moving to paying cash for everything? I wish these people would just get an honest job so they can look into the eyes of their kids and not feel guilty.

Source: CNN Money [3]