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Top Money Guru Results: PF Blogger Results

The Top Money Guru poll closed yesterday and while we compile the results, I thought it would be fun to take a look at the responses from the personal finance blogger community. We did the same exact poll except we asked personal finance bloggers just to see if their results were any different than yours.

My initial guess was that the results probably wouldn’t be that much different. Most personal finance bloggers are like me – we aren’t experts. We aren’t CFPs, we didn’t study finance in college, and we generally don’t work in the financial services industry. In fact, very few do because of the compliance requirements. The only two exceptions, of the bloggers I’m close to, I can think of are Jeff Rose [3] and Neal Frankle [4].

Here were the winners of each category:

TMG: Liz Weston

I think it’s safe to say that Liz Weston can be crowned our PF Blogger Top Money Guru for 2013 as she took three of the five sub-categories as well as overall favorite. I credit this to her very active presence in the personal finance community, having attended our industry conference FINCON last year, as well as just being a prolific writer and generally a nice person.

I can’t say I’m surprised who our winner is! 🙂

TMG Runner-Up: Ramit Sethi

Ramit Sethi, who took Most Entertaining and Most Helpful, is someone I consider a friend and I’m not surprised he took those two categories.

Ramit’s work, whether though his blog or through his numerous courses, offer actionable advice you can use today to improve your life. He also does it in a way that engages and captures his audience, which is partly why his courses are so successful.

When I tell people I’m a personal finance blogger, 95% of the time they ask me if I know Ramit. I usually say no so I don’t have to smile and nod sheepishly while they tell me how awesome he is. It makes me sick.

TMG Caboose: Suze Orman

Suze Orman captured nearly half of the vote for least favorite TMG and I’m not surprised. When Orman came out with her prepaid debit card, a move copied by several celebrities since, she was slammed by the personal finance community because the card is a bad deal. Prepaid cards are never good, it’s the price you pay for bad credit and bad decisions, but she lashed back publicly and drew the ire of many personal finance bloggers.

It’s no surprise she took the first TMG Caboose. For what it’s worth, Robert Kiyosaki came in second with 31.82% of the vote.

Lastly, thank you to whomever voted me as their Overall Favorite. Very sweet of you. 🙂