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TradeKing $50 Promotion: National Friends Day!

This promotion has ended but… TradeKing has a new Refer a Friend Offer for $100 [3]. Click the link to learn more or email me and I’ll refer you.

Did you know that National Friendship Day was August 3nd? Since 1935, Congress declared the first Sunday in August to be National Friendship Day.

I didn’t, but that’s because my friends never told me! (I just lobbed a softball, someone crush it out of the park already…)

Well, my friends at TradeKing [4] (har har, I think they just like my money) just sent me an email telling me about a promotion where if you refer a friend to TradeKing, both of you get $50.

Here are the important details of the $50 referral promotion:

Is this a good deal? If you don’t have a TradeKing account and have been thinking about it, now’s a good time to do it. If you just want the money, trades are $4.95 a piece so you’re talking a round-trip cost of $9.90, plus your trade is at risk in the market, for a promo of $40.10 on a $1,000 six-month deposit (puts the interest APY, if you like to think in those terms, at ~8%+ APY).

Want in? Shoot me an email with this contact form [5] and I’ll send you a referral. (or directly email me at: )