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Free Tax & Trading Intelligence Report

I’ve been using TradeKing [3] for a while now and one of the many things that separates them from their competition (E*Trade [4], Zecco [5], etc.) is the wealth of information they offer you, especially with options education. TradeKing has a free ebook, they call them “intelligence reports,” about taxes and the stock market. The Tax & Trading Intelligence Report [6] is free and it’s a seven page document that discusses a variety of stock investing topics from retirement accounts to wash sales.

If you are familiar with the tax ramifications of investing in the stock market, the report won’t tell you much more than you already know. If you aren’t entirely sure about how taxes and stock market investing work (if wash means nothing to you), then you might want to check it out. All you have to give them is an email address (standard operating procedure for free ebooks) and you get the ebook. One nice thing is that the report isn’t a thinly veiled sales pitch, though it does discuss their proprietary Maxit Tax Manager to help with managing your capital gains/losses, and has good, albeit brief, information for being a free report.

If you’re already a TradeKing member, log into your account and click on Education in the menu. In the Learning Center, scroll down until you reach a box labeled “Get Free Intelligence Reports.” It’ll have a drop down, just select the Taxes & Trading (as of this writing, it’s the last one) and it’ll open up the Intelligence Report. There are a total of eight free reports, with most of them being about options.