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TradeKing Referral Bonus Promotion

For my investments in the stock market, I use TradeKing [3] and Vanguard [4]. Vanguard for their ridiculously cheap index funds (it’s not ridiculous in the sense that they are the only game in town, Fidelity also offers cheap if not cheaper funds…) and TradeKing for just about everything else. For the last few years, I’ve written about TradeKing quite a bit because they continue to offer $4.95 trades and speedy transactions. The only hiccup lately was the new inactivity fee [5] but if your account has less than $2,500 or you don’t trade, you probably should put that money in a savings account, not a brokerage account.

That said, when TradeKing doesn’t run a promotion, which it hasn’t in quite some time, the only way to get a sign up bonus is by having an existing customer refer you. In the past, people would email me and then I’d log in to email them a referral. Fortunately, TradeKing has streamlined it and by offering a way to tweet out a referral link, they have now provided a way to automatically “send” out referral links. So, if you’ve wanted to get a referral but you didn’t want to email me because I’m creepy, you can just use this link [3].

The terms of the referral program are simple – deposit $3,000 into your account and make three trades within 90 days. The account must be a non-retirement account and the address cannot be shared with any existing TradeKing client. After 90 days, they check your account to see if you satisfied the requirements before crediting you with $50. Here are the full details of the Refer a Friend program [6].

If you still want to email me, that’s fine too. I love getting emails. 🙂