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Series I & Series EE Bond Purchase Limit Increased to $10,000 Each

The Treasury Department announced [3] that, effective January 4th, 2012, you will be allowed to purchase $10,000 each of Series I and Series EE bonds per year per person. Previously, it was believed that we’d only be allowed to purchase $5,000 of each series because the annual limit was $5,000 for electronic bonds and $5,000 for paper bonds, with paper bonds, for the most part, being phased out at the end of 2011. You will still be allowed to purchase up to $5,000 in paper Series I bonds with your tax refund, using for Form 8888 [4].

As of this writing, the Series I bond are yielding 3.06% APY through April 2012 (fixed rate component of 0.0% and inflation component of 1.53%) while a Series EE bond will yield 0.60% (but remember, they are guaranteed to double after twenty years, even if the fixed rate won’t get you there, but that adjustment doesn’t happen until you hit twenty years).

In our current interest rate environment, with online savings accounts [5] yielding so little, I’m a fan of Series I bonds [6].

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