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Your Take: Have You Had Trouble Claiming Missing Money?

Every few months, I write a post about how you should check for missing money [3] (that’s the first one – linking to each state – but nowadays I would just recommend using MissingMoney.com [4] because it’s easier).

When I found money owed to me from Pennsylvania (an old paycheck from my days at Carnegie Mellon), the process wasn’t difficult but it did take some time. I had to fill out a form, get it notarized, and then mail that form back. After a couple weeks (probably more like months), I received a check for like $30. I wouldn’t call the process difficult, it just took a long time and, honestly, I had forgotten about it by the time the check arrived.

Of course, it wouldn’t surprise me if the missing money departments in each state ran their operations differently. It also wouldn’t surprise me to find out that people are having trouble recovering their missing money [5]. I suspect my process was simpler because the funds were relatively small, under a hundred dollars. I bet the process would be different if we were talking about thousands of dollars and involving an estate, as was the case in the CNN Money article.

Have you experienced trouble trying to reclaim missing money?

(Photo Credit: stevendepolo [6])