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True Wealth Isn’t About Money

Human beings, by nature, love to compete. When we’re young, we compete on the sports field, in the classroom, and in video games. As we grow older, we compete in our lives, trying to accumulate money, property, get better jobs, more responsibility, and more recognition and fame.

We measure more of our success by the material possessions we have because those are more visible. Keeping up with the Joneses is about having a bigger house, a nicer car, and a larger flatscreen TV.

Tiger Woods is a prime example. Before the news of his infidelity and the collapse of his marriage, he was arguably one of the most well respected sports personalities out there. He won plenty of championships, won a ton of prize money, and was paid handsomely to endorse a variety of products. He had a supermodel wife, a lovely family, and basically everything material that you could possibly want. He was, by all standard accounts, wealthy and scores of people would love to be in his shoes.

How about now? The only material difference between before and after the divorce is that his wealth was trimmed by about $750 million, which hurts but the man still makes over a hundred million dollars a year [3] (this is after being dropped by several big name companies).

Would you want to be in his shoes?

Wealth isn’t about dollars or even material possessions, it’s about the things you can’t see and the things you can’t compare.