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Try Reducing Instead of Eliminating A Trimmable

A trimmable expense [3] is an expense that fulfills a want rather than a need. Buying fruits and vegetables is not a trimmable, buying chocolate covered fruits is a trimmable. While you could try to go through all of you expenses and try to eliminate everything that is discretionary, you may find yourself enjoying life less and less. Trimmables, while fulfilling wants and not “required,” are there to help you live life and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

So, rather than cutting out some of your trimmables, consider reducing your trimmables in terms of quantity or frequency. Spa treatments are sometimes seen as frivolous but if they are valuable in reducing stress, then cutting them out entirely may not be a smart move in the long run. If you go every week, consider visiting every other week. If you go every other week, consider going every three weeks. Don’t cut it out entirely, reduce it so that you can save a little but not lose the recuperative effects.

Some trimmables you might want to reduce with the intent of eliminating them all together. Don’t make that decision now. Just reduce it a little and see if you lose any of its benefits. You may find that the less frequent visits help you look forward to them. You may find that you still get all the recuperative effects and that those bi-monthly visits were unnecessary. You may find that your sweet spot is really at once a month, rather than twice a month. So, you could be enhancing the experience while saving your money.

Also, you could discover that you need to go every two weeks – that’s fine. Rather than thinking you need it twice a week, you now know you need to go because you’ve tried once every three weeks or once a month and it didn’t work. Simply give yourself the opportunity to reduce it a little so you know for sure.

Finally, reducing something is far easier than eliminating it. Quitting cold turkey is practically impossible and impractical as a means of quitting something, reduce it until you hardly miss it. If you love that Starbucks and need it every morning, try cutting it out of your day once a week and replace with it regular coffee or with some tea. You may find that Starbucks’ hold isn’t as firm as you once thought! Or you may find that you like tea more than coffee, you never know until you try.

Reduce something today!