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TurboTaxFor those of you who didn’t believe I bought a watch for ninety grand (even if it could deflect cruise missiles) or a sixteen hundred dollar ripped t-shirt, I salute you for recognizing it’s the first of April. For those who didn’t, if you exist, I apologize for so deftly deceiving you on the most frivolous of days. In return, I would like to assure you that I am not deceiving you right this moment. I have two keycodes to giveaway from our friends at TurboTax, one is a code for TurboTax Premier and one is a code for TurboTax Deluxe. The codes are redeemable at and good for one free federal and a free state preparation plus e-file using TurboTax Online 2009.

How do you win? State your favorite tax deduction and why, plus which version you would like to win. TurboTax Deluxe will be the one you want for most people and Premier is the one that lets you handle investments and rental property. We will choose two winners next Tuesday and you will receive the code you mention.

Void where prohibited and good luck!

This contest has ended.

{ 32 comments, please add your thoughts now! }

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32 Responses to “TurboTax Deluxe and Premier Giveaway”

  1. Ben says:

    My favorite deduction is the lifelong learning credit since it encourages education and mental growth.

    I’d like to win the premier version

  2. Bryant says:

    My favorite tax deduction is mortgage interest. It’s definitely a very nice perk of being a homeowner.

    I’d love to win the PREMIER edition.



  3. PJ in FL says:

    Best deduction: student loan interest – 3 kids through college, and one more going to go soon!

  4. PJ in FL says:


    Deluxe version!

  5. Sadie says:

    Favorite tax deduction and why:

    Though no longer available now retired, Health Savings Account is my favorite because we did not use full amount leaving a sizable balance earning tax-free interest! The balance, being tax-free will be the last money ever spent in this household.
    Note: To my surprise, insurance paid a portion on the few claims we had; whereas I initially began the High Deductible HSA policy thinking we had to reach full deductible prior to insurance paying any portion of a claim.

    • Steven says:

      HSA is awesome, as long as you’re healthy and you have the time and discipline to build it up.

      The claims they “paid” might be discounts to teh insurance rate or the free yearly preventative checkup maybe?

      I get my blood work done twice a year (excessive, but still overweight so I don’t mind and like being able to keep an eye on the internals) and the doctor visit and tests are free the first time. The second time I pay the doctor fees, and the blood work is heavily subsidized ($~200 –> ~$20).

  6. Ethan@OPC says:

    hhmm…. I like the charitable contributions tax deduction. Even small things can really add up.

    Premier edition por favor.

  7. Jeff C says:

    American Opportunity Credit. With two kids in college it will help. That being said I have a huge mess on my hands as I didn’t realize this was available until I filed my daughters taxes and I think I did the same thing last year on my son’s and daughters. I need to find a place to ask how to fix the mess I made. That being said I could use the Deluxe Edition to file my wife and I’s taxes.

  8. Sasha F says:

    I love the Child Care deduction. I used to work for an IRS VITA site, and I would see single mothers all the time who did not make a lot of money but had to work and pay for day care because bills don’t pay themselves. I would love to tell these moms that they could get a deduction because of the money they paid a daycare to take care of their little ones. And once we got the tax liability down to zero, I would make sure they got all the refundable credit they could get. Boy did it feel good getting these women a nice end of the year bump.

    I could use the Deluxe edition will work just nicely for me.

  9. Scott N says:

    We give generously to our church so I’d have to say that charitable donations would be my favorite

  10. Rob says:

    My favorite deduction is the state income tax deduction because, for me, it’s the biggest.

    I purchased TT Deluxe for my mother a few weeks ago, but accidently picked-up the “federal only” version. Now I’m stuck doing the state forms by hand. I’d love to win a copy of TT Deluxe that includes the state forms.

  11. Martha says:

    Donations to charitable causes!! 🙂

  12. My favorite deduction is the personal exemption because it means I am alive.

    PS, Jim, if this idea wins, please give to someone else. I already filed my taxes.


  13. kelly says:

    Favorite tax deduction is home mortgage interest tax deduction.
    Refinancing reduces monthly mortgage payments & loan terms = more savings + all interest generated by the mortgage remains tax deductible
    I hope I can win the Premier version. Thanks.

  14. Laura says:

    not a deduction per se, but I love the Roth IRA!

    I would like the Deluxe version

  15. Steven says:

    Standard deduction.

    It’s the largest one that applies to me. Everything else, even combined, are mere pennies compared to this.

    Just got out of college with only student loan debt, which I paid off last year, so I don’t have much in investments nor any more interest to deduct.

    Deluxe please.

  16. Scott says:

    My favorite is the mileage for charitable giving / donations. It’s the one I always forget.

    I’d like Premiere if I win.


  17. FrankD says:

    Favorite deduction is tax filing fees (a lot lower with TurboTax!). 😉 Deluxe would be great!

  18. govenar says:

    I guess the State Tax deduction.
    I’d like the Deluxe.

  19. skylog says:

    student loan interest deduction b/c it has helped out my returns quite a bit the past couple of years.

  20. rctheabsman says:

    I like the deduction for the contributions. Not only are we able to help others in need by donating funds to our church, but to the Red Cross, Salvation Army, USO, but we can donate our surplus clothing, household goods, computer, etc. to help others, and give those organizations items to sell. It’s much better than throwing the good items away. We buy items their stores so it helps both ways, giving to them, and buying from them. I was thinking of buying the Turbo Tax Deluxe 2010. I use It’s Deductible now & it’s great for the contributions. Thanks

  21. gafilda says:

    My favorite deduction is the alternative minimum tax credit.
    I’ve been getting my money back from some dot com for 7 years now with a couple years to go

    I would like the deluxe edition

  22. Mark says:

    None. It should be a flat tax. Then everyone’s tax rates could be lowered.

    We could then also reduce the pay of those 535 Congresscritters that would have much less to do.

    On a more serious note, I love the 401k tax deference. Allows me to reduce my yearly taxes AND save for the future.

    Premier FTW!

  23. JM says:

    Mortgage interest is a great deduction for us.

    Turbo Tax Premiere please 🙂

  24. Charlene Anderson says:

    I love the education deduction…you get smart, save money. I’d like the Mac Edition…

  25. Theora55 says:

    My favorite is NOT getting the mortgage deduction; I paid off my house! I get great use of the Charitable deduction. I like giving to charity. I like recycling unneeded household goods and clothes at Goodwill. And I like the deduction; everybody wins.

    Deluxe would be an excellent thing to have.

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