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Tweet Tweeeeet: I’m On Twitter

I don’t think I ever mentioned to you all that I started using Twitter from time to time. On most weekdays I would tweet a few news stories that caught my attention or funny things I saw, and most weekends I’ll be either complaining about or celebrating whatever is happening in the NFL. I’m going to be changing my approach to Twitter and hopefully you’ll join me.

In addition to interesting news and stories that I find, I’ll start running contests to give away books, maybe some gift cards, who knows. If you want to win any Twitter only giveaways, be sure to follow bargainr (me) [3].

Since 140 characters forces me to be brief, I’ll also be using it to publish anything particular useful and simply too short for a blog post. Good deals and awesome freebies certainly fit the list, but also any particularly hot financial offers that might be extremely timely. Blog posts tend to be longer, I’ll be using Twitter for the shorter stuff.

I won’t be posting updates every time a post is published here unless I feel it’s an especially good or timely article. I get irritated when I follow someone and just get updates about their blog posts, since I’m usually subscribed. If you aren’t subscribed to this blog, I really think you should because this blog is freaking awesome… just ask the 7000 people already subscribed, they wouldn’t have if this blog weren’t so unbelievably useful and good. 🙂 Full subscription options and instructions here. [4]

As always, if you want to reach me, the easiest and fastest way is to email me [5] but I think we can have some fun with Twitter too. If you’ve been waiting to join, consider this an invitation. 🙂