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Two Giveaways, Two Gift Ideas, and some other Weekly Goodness!

Most frequent commenter at Consumerism Commentary in October wins a great prize! [3]

FMF gives us the ten most common car-buying mistakes [4]. Plus, check out FMF’s 24 Hours of Free Money Finance [5] where he’ll give away a prize every hour plus donate $1 per visitor on October 2nd.

JLP gives us a Roth conversion strategy for high earners [6].

MBH talks about how Wal-Mart might start installing IR customer tracking cameras [7] and other Big Brother-esq type monitoring systems.

First, Dad talked about the stupid TMX Elmo [8], now read about where to buy the Nintendo Wii [9]. Seriously, stop spoiling your four sons. Or adopt me.

And Punny wrote an article so nice I linked to it twice (here and in the post about ED’s rate drop): how to open up an E-Loan online savings account [10].

Lastly, if you missed the announcement I made a little while back about the Festival of Frugality [11] moving to its new home, consider this a second mini-announcement. If you’re interested in hosting, please do let me know!