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Two Negative Items on My Credit Report

I applied for another 0% balance transfer [3] card and was summarily rejected! The reason? Negative items on my credit report from Equifax – which means I get a free copy of my credit report but it also means I have to contest some issues. What I found were two records in collection from Verizon in collections for around $120 a piece; except I’ve never had any sort of relationship with Verizon!

This is somewhat disconcerting because a few months ago I found inaccuracies on my Transunion credit report which included an erroneous social security number, a fictitious address in Pennsylvania, but no open accounts I couldn’t match to an account I had (Equifax did not have these personal information errors). I contested those errors and they were fixed quickly but now I find two open accounts attributed to me from Verizon in Pennsylvania? Could it be that someone who was stealing my identity was using one credit union to record personal information and another to open two accounts? Or is this a case of just a pair of coincidental errors?

I’m inclined to believe this is just a pair of coincidental errors because if I were to really be a victim of identity theft, I doubt they’d just spoof some personal information and put on a couple cell phone accounts. I’d probably see a bunch of credit cards and other big ticket items on there, this is probably just a case of erroneous paperwork.