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Uncashed Closing Cost Checks

It’s not very often you get an unexpected check but this week I received one from my title company in the amount of $202.00. Apparently there were outstanding stale dated checks that weren’t cashed and, as required by law, were returned to me from the escrow account.

Thank you for choosing [Title Company] to handle your previous real estate transaction. During a routine audit of our files, we found funds from outstanding stale dated checks that remain uncashed past the statutory time.

Accordingly, we are refunding the excess amount that remains in the escrow account. Please check with your lender to be sure these funds are not required for your escrow account.

Again, thank you for choosing [Title Company] and … [blah blah blah]

Hooray for free found money! I thought it was particularly honest of the title company since I would have no way to confirm this.

Looks like it’s time to get a Wii Fit [3] (I realize that’s not the responsible thing to do, but it’s for our health!), if only I could find it somewhere.