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Under Warranty Repair – ’03 Celica

I purchased my Toyota Celica from a private citizen in Florida and have been very satisfied with my purchase, with one minor notable exception. The lift supports (the hydrolic-looking supports that lift and hold the hatchback) always seemed to be extremely weak under cold weather conditions (low pressure) and did a poor job of holding up the hatchback. It’s been two winters and I’ve known this problem for two winters but now that the three-year 36,000 manufacturer’s warranty is nearly up (I’m at 34,200 or so) I’ve decided it’s time to bring it in for replacement before it starts costing me actual money. The repair department assured me the lift supports were under warranty and so it would cost me nothing to replace. Take advantage of that 3 year 36,000 warranty while you can!

I also have a 6 year “bumper to bumper” warranty by a third party (it was included in the auction at no cost), I have no idea what that covers but I would imagine not a whole lot that isn’t catastrophic.

Update: I had the work performed today and as expected, it came at no charge. Two support lifts (or hatchback struts, which is their actual name) cost $210 and about $30 for labor = $240+tax had I waited an additional 1,800 miles. I also had them do their complimentary 27 point checkup and they notified me that my automatic transmission fluid needed to be flushed and refilled, a cost of $90. I told them no thanks and I figure I’ll call up some nearby shops to see how much it would cost them to do the work.