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Your Take: Should Unemployment Benefits Be Extended Again?

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Umbrella on a Rainy DayEarlier this week CNN Money posted a story that pegged the bill for unemployment benefits at around $319 billion over the last three years. In those three years, the length of benefits has steadily increased to the now 99 weeks of unemployment benefits. Ninety-nine weeks is nearly two full years of unemployment benefits. On November 30th, approximately two million unemployed individuals will lose coverage because they’ve been on unemployment benefits for so long. The total number of people collecting unemployment insurance is 8.5 million, which includes 4.8 million on federal benefits.

On the one hand, giving unemployment benefits is probably one of the most effective ways to stimulate the economy. I think it’s safe to say that those on unemployment and collecting insurance will probably be spending that money, which goes right back into the economy. Unlike other methods of stimulus, very few are saving this cash for a rainy day because it is a rainy day.

As an aside, to all those folks screaming at the bank rescue bailouts and car manufacturer bailouts and wondering where their bailout is… this is it. 99 weeks of unemployment insurance is that bailout.

On the other hand, 99 weeks is a very long time and I’m stunned by the number of people who have been unemployed for so long. You have to throw all your assumptions out the window because two million is a lot of people and many, if not all of them, have to be hurting to be out of work that long. You can’t assume they’re lazy and happy collecting insurance for 99 weeks. You can’t assume they’re picky job seekers and passed on jobs in the last 99 weeks. You just have to take it at face value and understand that it’s just been impossible for them to find a job. Sure, you’ll have a few people who are too picky or happy cashing the checks for 99 weeks but I’d put on my compassion hat and say the rest are truly having a difficult time (unemployment insurance isn’t exactly a windfall either).

Another aside, it turns out that in the time I wrote this (Wednesday) and when this will post (Friday), the House failed to pass a bill that would have extended benefits.

What do you think?

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300 Responses to “Your Take: Should Unemployment Benefits Be Extended Again?”

  1. Marchel says:

    Absolutely Not! Programs like unemployment are killing our economy. AS an employer for 16 years I have yet to see someone receive unemployment who actually deserves it, and who needs it to support themselves. Most people try to collect it so they don’t have to work!! And, we are paying unemployment for kids who are in high school, and live at home with Mom and Dad. Should our taxes really go towards paying for frivolous expenses? I have no problem taking care of someone who WANTS to work, and needs to support a family. But that is NOT the vast majority of what I have seen unemployment go out for.

    Under the Obama administration, my unemployment taxes have more than doubled. SO that is just taking money out of the taxpayers pocket. The whole unemployment system needs thrown out and revamped just like social security and welfare. When somone in DC decides to actually take a stand against all of these “systems” in America that aren’t working, perhaps we can start to save this country!!

    • Anthony says:

      Let’s get rid of the tax cuts for the rich on their PERSONAL income and use the money to take care of our long term unemployed. The rich do NOT use their personal income to create jobs – haven’t done it for the 10 year life of their tax cut. Many unemployed were let go from upper management position and are in their 50’s and 60’s – vitrually unhirable in this market of young people who will work cheap. Let’s take a stand against these useless “wars” in Iraq and Afghanistan which have not progressed since Bush started them….that will save the American people over $10 billion per month. Monkeying around over there has NOT made our country safer. Just Bush’s buddies at Haliburton and Blackwater richer with their no-bid contracts. Unemployment is NOT killing our country – tax cuts for the wealthy 2% of our country IS killing the US.

      • Jim says:

        What do you mean by personal income?

        I would think that consumption by the rich is a direct creator of jobs, much like consumption by anyone will create jobs.

        You kind of jump all over the place, it’s hard to follow your argument.

      • CBV says:

        OMG! I was so flabberghasted at your statement that Bush started the war…. I couldn’t comprehend anything else!! I am NOT a Bush fan by ANY means… but did you forget 9/11? Bush did NOT “start” the war……!!!!

    • sue says:

      When I read this I became very upset. I never write or respond to anything I see online but i had to when i saw this. Let me tell you something I am one of the people who have collected unemployment and yes went through the tiers. i have a college education. I am online or out everyday looking for work. I made 60,000 a year before my job was slashed in 08 because the company could not pay my slary anymore. I am not lazy I do not sit and eat chocolate all day and watch oprah. I am tired of people ( with jobs) thinking it is O.k to pass judgement. You say you have never seen unemployment go to someone who deserves it well buddy open your eyes. I worked everyday no days off I worked my butt off for this company when they let me go. I raise 5 kids one whom I adopted I am up at 5am every morning. Lazy, free money, dont deserve it BS. I agree there are probably people who abuse unemployment but do not blanket us all in that group. Nothing made me happier than getting a pay check that I knew I had worked hard for or showing my daughter and sons that women can make just as much as men when you work your hardest. I hate collecting unemployment but guess what i have to put food in their mouth and coats on them this winter. My husband can not cut it alone. So you keep thinking like that and pray to god that your not sitting on this side someday because it’s not fun!

      • Anonymous says:

        Thank you so much for your reply. Hopefully all of us who are seeking a decent paying job like those that we lost will receive one. I too was making a good salary working as a tech writer for a large company that procures work from State and local gov’t. My job was sent to Guatemala. I’ve had a difficult time finding a new job any job….I am 56 and I do not have a college education. The market is flooded with young people with degrees and employers that want workers like us are far and few between.

        I pray too… Good luck to you.

      • Carmen says:

        I couldn’t of said it any better… My husband went from a job paying 73,000 a year, to 265.00 a week in unemployment benefits, is this living??? My husband doesn’t want unemployment… HE WANT’S A JOB!! 16 yrs Foundry Manager experience, college degree, never missed a DAY!!!

      • Anonymous says:

        Sue I agree with you. I have worked since I was 16 years old. I am now 51. There are no jobs out there that even want to give you 40 hrs a week at $8.00 an hour. My unemployment check does not even pay the entire rent and utilities. It is easy for people to complain about it if they are not going through it. It would be different if it was at their kitchen table. The 99 weeks. How many people have gotten benefits even near that long. I have not gotten them close to that, and they are wanting to stop them. I do believe what goes around comes around, so I would say these people who are judging us down on our luck….It will probably be them someday. I never thought it would be me.

    • CBV says:

      Unemployment Benefits are taxed…. they have to pay in also.

    • Susanne says:

      I have run a business for 20 years employing many people and have worked hard to find ways to not lay a single person off. However, I was laid off from my most recent job in May and have been beating the pavement trying to find a new job, however those available have been few and far between. As well, I am 8 months pregnant with a child after trying to conceive for well over 6 years. have you ever walked into a job interview pregnant? Guess what, you don’t get hired. I am collecting unemployment becuase I do have to – not WANT to. I have never been unemployed in my life. I went from earning an MBA from a top school, collecting a 6 figure salary to taking on a mere $1400/mo in unemployment which exactly covers my mortgage and nothing else. I’m living off my emergency savings and was hoping to have a job within 6 months. Its not happening. Am I part of your “problem”? Are you even aware that Unemployment Benefits are not a free monthly check – but is a small check based on wages earned and must be substantiated with documents proving you are actively looking for work and/or job training? Its by no means a free ride. Most folks dont get $1400 a month, I only do becuase my income was so high to start. Most folks get by on $300 or so a week. hardly a windfall.
      I have been more than happy as a former business owner that I paid into our states unemployment insurance pool, as now i know alot more about how important the assistance really is. Yes my rates went up, as did rates for my employer health plan, workman’s comp and other essential benefits, but life ain’t cheap and my employees deserved that for their skilled work. I pray this never happens to you – but even if it doesn’t, you should know there are many highly degreed, skilled, talented people out there who simply cannot find a job becuase there are more of us than positions available.

    • brandy says:

      what YOU seem to forget is that in order to resive benifit WE MUST HAVE WORKED before getting the unemployment. thats right i said WE WORKED at one point to and WE PAYED THE TAX . my mother was working from the time she was 18 and NEVER used unemployment before her job of 20 years was sent OVERSEAS( THATS THE PROBLEM) now you can sit there and say that we dont deserve it well u tell that to a person that has paid the unemployment tax for most of there lives raised 2 children as a single mother and then waS LAYED OFF after 20 years that the money SHE payed in is no longer there!!! and going from a 50 thousand dollar a year career to 500 per week benifit check. and my boyfriend was laid off from a company where he made 15 dollars an hour to gotting just baraly enough to pay the bills and thats it he WANTS TO WORK and has looked for a job every day and still nothing after maybe 100 apps or more only one interview and that was only to see what he looked like in my opinion but beside the point he has yet to hear anything from them about a second interview. Marchel you are way to darn smug what you dont know is that we have two children to suport and our daughter was diagnosed with lukemia in june so now on top of the bills rent, electric, ect we now have to worry about our daughters health and going to a hospital that is 200 miles round trip from our home. WE ALL HAVE LIVES AND WE HAVE ALL WORKED AND PAYED INTO UNEMPLOYMENT TO ONLY BE TOLD THAT THE STATE AND GOVERNMENT HAS ALREADY SPENT IT ON WHAT THEY WANTED TO I JUST PRAY THAT U DONT EVER HAVE TO GO THROUGH THIS YOURSELF AND IF YOU DO THEN U WILL FINALLY KNOW WHAT WE ARE GOING THROUGH as a SIDE NOTE how about those congress men and women and senetors go and sell one of there 3 houses or all take a 5 persent pay cut to pay for it WE ALL KNOW THEY ALL GET PAIED WAY TO MUCH OR HOW ABOUT THE GAS PRICES BEING CUT.

      • Nobody says:

        Another person wanting someone to WORK for less money so they can pay you for NOT WORKING!
        Truly amazing!!!

  2. Stu says:

    Unemployment benefits must be extended. Especially since we are still hovering close to 10% unemployment.

    Jim you are absolutely correct that unemployment benefits act just like middle class tax rebates, in other words they go back straight into the economy.

    99 weeks is a long time, but it also allows some people to go back and get job training and be able to live while they do it, as one commenter above is doing with his time and benefits.

    I think our country is at a point where there should be no question whether or not we should provide a social safety net for our citizens in a time of need like unemployment (or catastrophic health issues, etc..)

  3. Glenn says:

    yes, definitely. I am amazed at the people who say..2 years is sufficient..go out and find a job…are you kidding me??? I was out of work for a year and a half, and trust me..$300 a week on unemployement is nothing, any job I could find, and there were / are none, were at minimum wage. Even at 8 an hour after taxes and fuel to get there, do the math. Maybe in other parts of the country things are better, but in FL, after 18 years my plant was shut down in Sep. 08 and the unemployment is still almost 12% I say extend it till our so called government quits bailing out companies, trashing good running cars, tries to start a socialized healthcare and they all try unemployment for 6 months, guarantee you things would change then.

    • Nobody says:

      That $300 a week kept you going for a year and a half, didn’t it?

      And most people don’t care what you have to say about it.

  4. NJ Blue82 says:

    The real question, whether it’s “unemployment benefits,” “welfare payments,” “stimulus packages,” “auto company bailouts,” “student lending,” “universal healthcare,” “mortgage forgiveness,” etc., is this:

    Who is it that provides “the benefits?”

    And the answer is always the same – one group of Americans, the taxPAYERS, has their hard-earned money confiscated and sent to another group of Americans, the taxSPENDERS (aka the recipients of “government programs”). How is ANY of that, or ANY “government program” fair?

    I have worked hard to start a company whose future is uncertain – and therefore my family’s economic future is uncertain. I donate to charity. But I should ALSO pay “unemployment benefits” to a group of people, many of whom do not bother looking for jobs? When my father was unemployed in the 1970s, a condition of him receiving an unemployment check was evidence of job-searching – that requirement is ling gone.

    As with EVERY government program, there is a monumental amount of fraud, mismanagement and waste in the unemployment compensation are. The solution is for government to get out of the way! The idiots in Congress – Democrats and Republicans – CAUSED all of the problems. How can any sane person expect the CAUSE of problems to also be their solution?!

    • CBV says:

      Let me just say, AGAIN, Unemployment Benefits are taxed, also. People collecting those benefits are still “taxpayers”. Problem is, the tax is not taken out of each check, and the poor souls trying to survive on that minimal amount of income are being “hit” to pay it all in at “tax time”. Where will they find that?….

    • Jesmith says:

      I don’t know where you get your information but every week I file for unemployment I have to put the names and addresses of 2 employers I have contacted for that week…check your facts before you post things.

  5. Misi says:

    I do not believe unemployment benefits should be extended.

    My heart and prayers go out to the people and their children.

    Unemployment benefits are a temporary solutions. Two years is not temporary.

    The lessons remain the same – save save save. Live well below your means. When the rainy days come and stay indefinitely your contingency fund will help your ride out the storm.

    “One day in retrospect the years of struggle will strike you as the most beautiful.” – Sigmund Freud

    Jim, great post as usual. You are too wonderful!! Thank you.

    • DW says:

      Two years is still considered temporary in this economy. I have plenty of people that I know who have tried repeatedly and in many ways to get a job and of course they are always told that the companies or organizations have no openings and do not anticipate any for quite a while. Just think if it were you or someone in your family that was not able to get a job somewhere…would you support them financially? Or would you rather they have some sort of income to help them get their needs for daily living and searching for a job? I know I would rather they have something in their pockets other than lint. As for you statement of saving. The people that I know have saved and they have nothing left to save on even the unemployment benefits only allow them the ability to “eeK” through at this time. The children that need help from their unemployed mothers’ and fathers’…they too, need a roof over their heads, things for school, and food both at home and at school. Think Misi before you type.

      • Brian says:

        Misi did think before she typed. Her point is valid.

        With the state of the economy being what it is, most states have had to to make drastic cuts in their budgets and many non-profits are hurting for contributions.

        So let’s make a deal and instead of raising my taxes or going into debt to finance these benefits, we’ll just ask kind-hearted people, like you, for donations of your money,you have a savings account with 2 to 3 years of living expenses, seeing as you are so charitable.

        • Anonymous says:

          That is good all of you think like that, maybe if any of you or your love ones ever need assistance , just refuse , so my tax dollars won’t take care of you.

      • Vincent says:

        Your argument falls short and flat.

        I am a parent and I lost my job almost two years ago. Although I am very grateful for the unemployment benefits I am not relying upon these benefits as my sole income. I have taken this time to show myself and my children that my employment status will not dictate my situation.

        I have a college degree but currently I am flipping burgers and washing cars. I have parked my car and I take the bus. The money I would have used for gas I have started a small savings. It is not much but you have to start somewhere. We eat out of our pantry first before going shopping for groceries. We got rid of the cable bill and all magazine subscriptions. Any odd jobs that come my way I will take them. I have walked dogs, I have done yard work in my neighborhood, and my church gave me some part-time work doing janitorial work.

        DW, you dig deep and do what you have to do and not sing this sad song (cue the violins) that you are trying to sell. These benefits, though grateful, are and should be temporary because they are an economic strain on state budgets. DW, think before you type and then do not type at all.

        • Anonymous says:

          Why is it we don’t question the salaries of our congressman and senators? They don’t work full time but make over 150,000 a year. Why is it that we don’t question their health care or retirement benefits? It seems like a conquer and divide and they are doing a great job at it.

          If you, the businessman, is paying more than you think you should … do you honestly think it’s all going to us deadbeats on unemployment who don’t work?

          I am so tired of people being cruel and judgemental to each other. Vincent, yes you Vincent, it is very admirable what you are doing but everyone is entitled to their opinion. Who are you to say think before you type (which is fine) and then “do not type at all”… Who do you think you are? The last I heard we had free speech in this country or is that just for your opinion and not for others who disagree with your feelings?

          How many of you go to church on Sunday and remember we are not to judge each other? If you are going to judge then judge us all (and don’t forget to really take a good long look at yourself) – not just those on unemployment but those who sit in gov’t taking our tax dollars as well for part time work while they have their other full time jobs?

          I’m so tired of ignorance and I’m sure many will post back that I’m ignorant which is fine because at the end of the day.. it really doesn’t matter.

      • Nobody says:

        Two years is considered temporary to,,,,,,,who?

    • CBV says:

      Save what???? Ha!

    • Bubba says:

      I hope you never lose your job…or the rich guy who is takin care of you. Your points do nothing but screem how rich you are and how you coudlnt give a rat’s ass about anyone. Whats up will come down…whats down will come up…where will you be when it your chance to have to deal with the downs…and none wants to help… really think about others…you rich bitoch

    • Anonymous says:

      MISI thats great that u can do that many of us have ( even with working) lived WELL BELOW our means and were strugling for a long time b4 the layoffs! the jobs are in the BIG citys and even then the pay does NOT justify the travel and wear and tear on our car ( thats over 10 years old . and not uprooting our children ither. the oil companys are making the money whatr is gas now almost 3 dollars a gallon when we live in a country that has helped a country where gas is only mear pennies ompared to what we pay. I HAVE SAID TIME AND TIME AGAIN WE LIVE IN A COUNTREY THAT WILL NEVER THINK TWICE ABOUT GIVEING BILLIONS OF DOLLARS TO ANOTHER COUNTRY BUT WHAN IT COMES TO HELPING THERE OWN US AMERICANS THE FIGHT IT TOOTH AND NAIL. THEY SHOULD BE GIVING THERE OWN CITIZENS MONEY AND THE TAXPAYERS SHOULD NOT BE COMPLAINING ABOUT PAYING HIGHER TAXES BECAOUSE OF MONEY GOING TO US CITEZEN BUT INSTEWAD BE COMPLAINING ABOUT HIGHER TAXES BECAOUSE OF THE BILLIONS OF DOLLARE GOING OVERSEAS INCLUDING OR JOBS YES THE OTHER COUNTRYS HAVE NOT ONLY TAKEN OUR MONEY BUT OUR JOBS AS WELL !!!!!!!!!

  6. Mike Gaddis says:

    After being unemployed for 2 years and unable to secure a job I unequivocally say yes the benefits should be extended. Thank God I’m not as bad off as some of my unemployed compatriots, but this is ridiculous that the middle class is being treated as 2nd class citizens. Thanks Congress!

  7. NWOreject says:

    EXTEND UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS. The cost of unemployment benefits is but a miniscule fraction of the cost of wars in the Middle East, not to mention the incalculable costs of hardship, starvation, family breakups, mental depression, higher crime, etc.

  8. jcngai says:

    I’m still collecting unemployment but I don’t think it should be extended because I think the money can be spent at a larger scale to improve the overall economy.

    • catman says:

      well jcndai since you think unemployment shouldn’t be extended why don’t you stop drawing it, and may I ask how long have you been drawing unemployment?I bet your 2 years is about to run out.

  9. DW says:

    Yes, unemployment benefits should be extended until this economy gets better fit with jobs available.

  10. hallind says:

    hell yes they should be extended! i worked at the same company for 27 years (last half in middle managment) and was put out on the street because i had a high salary…i had a high salary because i was loyal to my company and received regular promotions which caused my salary to eventually top out (miniscule pay raises if any for last 10 years)…when the banks crashed the economy, the company i’d been loyal to, when making their decision on who to dump, simply sorted all employees salaries from top to bottom and lopped off the top 10% of professional positions to get the most bang for buck – thanks for your loyalty sucker!!!…well, i paid the unemployment insurance tax for 27 f’n years so if you limit the benefits to 2-3 years (less than 1 year in my case, since i’ve only been collecting for that long), than the tax i paid for 27 f’n years was simply that…another tax levied by government on my hard earned money, which sounds to me like what i’ll expect to get from my social security that i’ve paid into for 27 f’n years…

    and if you think i’m LIVING off that $360/wk of unemployment, than i dare ANY of you to give it a try…thank god i was fiscally responsible (unlike my government) and saved over the years!!!!

    final point…since unemployment is still just under 10% (in reality much higher), and projected to stay that way thru at least next year, WHY ON EARTH WOULD YOU CUT IT OFF???? you would, of course, if your government does not give a shit about the less fortunate citizens of this country, which is obviously the case…the GOP says they won’t continue it unless the government (THEMSELVES) pays for it with government expense reductions…WELL GET OFF YOUR ASSES AND REDUCE YOUR EXPENSES YOU OVERPAID, CORRUPT LAWYERS!!!!

    happy thanksgiving…

    • CBV says:

      Here is another side… I WORK! I am an Assistant Manager of a national retail chain. I make less per hour than the deli workers at Food Lion! I work a 38 hour week and “live” on $323 dollars per week BEFORE TAXES! I have to have food stamps to feed myself and my ONE child, thank GOD they are there. I had to move across the street from where I work because I cannot afford car insurance or gasoline. Call that “living” if you want….
      “Get a better job!”, you say? THERE ARE NONE!! And now, I couldn’t travel to get to it if I found one! I’m one of the lucky few around these parts!! I feel for the people being affected by this discontinuation of unemployment benefits. I feel the benefits shouldn’t be discontinued unless jobs have been created. REFORM is desperately needed. Good luck to us all!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Yes, they should be.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Not everyone is collecting 99 weeks, it depends on when u lost your job and then they calculate the amount of time you receive. I think everyone who is unemployed should get the 99 weeks and not cut off after 46 or 72 weeks.

  13. GHG says:

    Not a chance. I’ve seen too many cases personally where the benefit does nothing but prolong the unemployment period or motivation to find any work. It’s pretty pathetic to hear someone say they shouldn’t go get a job unless it pays more than $20/hour, since that’s essentially what they’re making sitting on their butt at home.

    Kudos to those who are unemployed, and genuinely working to find work. I just don’t see it among those I’ve known personally out of work.

    • Bubba says:

      lol you tard…no one makes 20 an hour on unemployment, and if they did you wouldnt hear of them complaining…y9ou get about half of what you make at your job…soo if they are getting 20 an hour that means they were making 40 an hour plus…and you have a problem with someone getting half of what they earn to try and help them stay on their feet? If you make 40 an hour then you prob spend most of that on your house, your car, your kids…soo what do you all of a sudden stop payin for when you can afford it?

  14. hai says:

    Unemployment benefit should be extended but also reformed. People should not just sitting home and collecting unemployment benefits, which is paid by me and other hard workers, in the format of tax. People really without jobs should be allowed unemployment benefits, but they have to come somewhere to “work”, even these “work” is not a business at all. People can be organized by the goverment to do somethinng beneficial to our society, though not necessary profitable. If really nothing to do, group together to be trained as future soldiers, polices, worker, etc. This is a big, “free” working force that the goverment has never used right. Simply feeding benefit will make people lazy.

  15. Frances says:

    I know that people are hurting and I’m lucky enough to be working now. I’m willing to pay more taxes to cover this.

    • charlie says:

      I think you are the true definition of an American. We like to be viewed as a country that loves and looks out for one another but when put to the test we fail. (Well some of us)

  16. Debbie Ryan says:

    Holidays are approaching and I think it is a shame people will be without funds to support themselves and their children. While everyone- who does have a job will be able to buy gifts for their family. Congress for example. If 99 weeks is a plan set in place then that is what unemployed workers should get. It is 99 weeks and then that is it. Why, have this set in place if not to used? It is easy to judge when you are not in this situation. If there were plenty of jobs out there this would not be an issue- DUH?
    Hello- recession? I say let people have their 99 weeks and then they move-on. Please note- think of the children of the unemployed worker…..

  17. I didn’t comment originally because I don’t have strong feelings one way or another on this subject. I can see both sides of the fence.

    I don’t know what the right answer is, but agree that just just throwing more money at the problem is not resolving the problem of lack of jobs (or should I say good jobs).

  18. Dee says:

    ABSOLUTELY NOT! Too many people out there once again that are taking advantage of the system.

  19. Michael says:

    Yes,they should EXTEND UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS. It should be extended for another 20 weeks.

  20. diane says:

    why is congress playing with peoples lives as long as unemployment is high there should never be a delay in benefits…..what kind of country is getting to be

  21. AK says:

    Yes, unemployment benefits should be extended! The unemployment rate is still high and the economy has not yet stabilized. Unemployment insurance and extending benefits is definitely not hurting the economy. There are many other factors that caused the downturn in our economy. Employers should budget better and not complain about paying unemployment insurance. There may be a few people collecting unemployment that have other avenues of income but for the vast majority of people unemployment is their only source of income when they are out of work. In my state all people on unemployment must send out a designated number of resumes each week in order to claim their weekly unemployment payment so I know there are no slackers at least in my state, there just are not enough job openings out there for all the people that need work.

  22. Shirley says:

    A 45 year old friend has just relocated to CA to be closer to his elderly parents who are no longer in good health. He has many years of OJT in several areas, but no documented formal training. He is working three part-time jobs and paying child support. He was able to find an apartment for $600 per month by agreeing to be on-call for maintenance repairs for the entire 50 unit complex. Because his jobs are part-time, he has no health insurance or any other benefits and his average pay is $12 an hour. An illness would be tragic for him with medical costs and loss of wages.

    He is a natural US citizen and has never drawn unemployment insurance, but should the need arise, I would certainly hope it was available to him for whatever time was needed.

  23. Who's The Biggest Loser? says:

    I am.

    I lost my job 2 years ago. I lost my home 2 months ago. I lost the $52,000 in equity I had in it. I lost 15 pounds in the last month trying to save on grocery bills. I lost my only source of income last week: the $265/wk unemployment check.

    I am a 99er.

    –Look at my refrigerator.: It’s empty.

    –Count the resumes I have sent out: 4-5 a week for 2 years; applied twice at Subway.

    –Count my degrees: I have three of them. I am overqualified and under qualified and in competition with millions.

    –Count my track record: I had a job from the time I was 15 until I was 40. I haven’t been taking YOUR tax money. I was taking some of MINE BACK.

    Now I almost 43, with NO benefits, NO health insurance, NO savings. I am scared.

    Although it didn’t help me save my home, the money did continue to pay for stamps, internet, paper, gas: things needed to (e)mail resumes, drive to interviews, search for jobs, etc.

    I would have preferred to work and save my home than to lose everything.

    I am not sure what miracle some believe will happen in the job market by ending our benefits. Think of the millions with children alone: an extension FAREWELL is a WELFARE invitation.

    Who’s the biggest loser now? We all are.

    • CBV says:

      Well said…… Good luck and God bless…I wish I could help…

    • tbork84 says:

      And you are the reason that unemployment should be extended. Forget all the stimulus and bailouts. The real efforts of the government should be directed to temporary support of those who are suffering the hardest from this downturn. Temporary means that it ends when it can, but at this point, the jobs aren’t there and people still need the assistance. Good luck with everything.

  24. Eddie says:

    How many of those opposing the extension have actually applied for a job in the last two years?

    • Nobody says:

      I oppose any extension OVER 99 weeks. And I haven’t had to actually apply for a job in the last two years, I haven’t neded to. What is your point?

  25. T. Sak says:

    I have never been able to receive unemplyment. I tried two(2) times and I was denied due to unearned credit wages. And I am an All American girl desperately seeking employment in the legal field as a paralegal or Legal Secretary.

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