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“United 93” Trailer Sparks Outrage

I went to see Inside Man this past weekend, the bank heist thriller that was directed by Spike Lee and starred Denzel Washington, Clive Owen, and Jodie Foster; and one of the preview trailers was for a 9/11 movie called “United 93,” a movie depiction of the events aboard the flight that crashed in the Pennsylvanian countryside. Well apparently, when this same scenario was played out in Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, the audience didn’t react favorably.

I very much respect the director and writer, Paul Greengrass of “The Bourne Supremacy [3],” in that he sought and received the approval of every family of every victim and involved them in the making of the movie (in terms of accuracy). That being said, is it too soon? Would you go see it?

(I realize this has nothing to do with personal finance but there’s plenty of time for that later)

via MSNBC [4].