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United First Financial For Sale?

One of the most commented posts on Bargaineering is my take on the legitimacy of United First Financial’s Money Merge Accounts [3] (it’s legit in that it works but you’re overpaying for no apparent reason), so I’ve always taken a keen interest in UFF and the state of their programs. Well, I smiled a little when I first read about United First Financial’s last breath on the Fraud Files blog [4] and now the fact that they are being shopped around [5] to private equity groups.

What does this mean for existing users? Stay put until it all shakes out but it doesn’t look great. If you are an existing user and want to stick with it, you want the company to be sold to a private equity group who can infuse additional capital and expertise. Short of additional funding, the company will likely go down. They’ve gone through plenty of layoffs and, according to some, are down to 8 people (from 70). It’s all pointing to a sinking ship.

Personally, I’m glad to see that this business model isn’t sustainable. The Money Merge account is an accelerated mortgage repayment scheme with a software package that costs you quite a bit of money. We’ve all learned, at an early age, that there is no free lunch and there isn’t a magic formula to paying down debt. The more you pay, the faster it gets paid off. The more you pay someone else to help you pay, the slower it gets paid off. It’s that simple.

Do you think they’ll get bought by a private equity firm or go silently into the night?