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University of Idaho Offers Free Personal Finance Courses

The world has known about free online courses like MIT OpenCourseWare and Open University (for a longer list, check the end of my foundation post about online education [3]). Until today, I wasn’t aware of any university that has offered personal finance courses and certainly not one that has put it all on the web for anyone to use!

That’s exactly what the University of Idaho Extension has done. They’ve put their Money 101 program [4] online and made it available to anyone who has an internet connection and an interest in bettering their financial situation.

There are six major topics and each major topic has a series of resources and article explaining various facets of that topic. For example, Money 101 has subsections titled Setting Financial Goals, Tracking Expenses, Budgeting, and Savings. Underneath each of those are several articles to get you on the right track. Along the side you get a bit of trivia too.. for example, the personal savings rate rose to 5% in the second quarter of 2009, vs. less than 2% all throughout 2007.

Give it a look, you might learn something. 🙂