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Use More Than One Page Resumes

The old rule of keeping your resume under a single page is out the window for those situations where you’re submitting your resume because it’s no longer going to be seen by one person all at once – it’s going into a database that recruiters will be searching. EWeek gives a lot of helpful tips [3] for techies (and non-techies) out there looking to land a new job but the two that I felt were most useful were:

  1. Ditch the one page format
  2. Use skills keywords

Number 2 is just like search engine optimization, for all you aspiring blogger media moguls, where you put your skills keywords in your resume so they get picked up by a recruiter’s search queries. If they’re looking for Java Developers, it helps to actually have Java on your resume (duh). I think the interesting thing about this article is that it gives you tips specifically designed for those resume databases recruiters always talk about and it’s worth a read.