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Use Your Summer Internship

After my freshman year of college I was hooked up by a friend of mine’s father, who also hooked up his son and another friend of ours, with a software development job at a company called Periphonics, later bought out by Nortel Networks. It was a good experience, working at a relatively large company (i.e. not a startup), but I always felt that the level of enthusiasm, sense of ownership and the desire to conquer simply wasn’t present at a large company… hence my joining a startup the next summer (that is now bankrupt!). Summer internships are about learning and having fun so…

If you’re moving towards a summer job, first you want to read this article by Ben Bleikamp about how you should skip the traditional summer internship (no longer available) and then, once you’re convinced your time is better spent doing something interesting (use an internship to explore!), consider taking on an internship with Noah Kagan [3]. Noah’s offered a bounty of $50 to the referrer of his eventual peon, and if it’s me then tell him to give you the $50 so you can get a decent shirt and a couple beers.