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USPS Considering Stamp Price Increase

The United States Postal Service proposed [3] an increase to the current stamp price [4] by two cents, to 46 cents. The USPS would also increase, correspondingly, the prices of all other shipping like Priority and Express mail service. All told, the increase is estimated to only generate an additional $3 billion in the next fiscal year, not even half of the estimated $7 billion deficit they are projected to run.

It’s unfortunate what’s become of the USPS as they try to get back into the black. There’s very little by way of innovation and most people hate going to the post office, like they hate going to the DMV. The lines are always long, there are never as many tellers as there are windows, and you’re always stuck behind someone who hasn’t even packed what they intend to ship.

The suggestions only hasten the demise of the USPS. Shutting off Saturday service will save them money, but you don’t get more business by offering fewer services. Increasing stamps will only shift purchasing (buying more Forever Stamps) or give people another reason to not mail something. Email is free.

The Postal Regulatory Commission oversees the Postal Service and they need to approve the latest price increase, which would be scheduled to go into effect January 2nd.

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