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USPS Online Change of Address Form

Before we bought our own home, I moved every single year. I hate moving. It seems like such a waste of time and resources but sometimes you don’t really have much of a choice. You had to pack up your things, load them up in to a truck (hopefully the U-Haul place [3] didn’t leave you stranded by giving away your “reservation”), drive the truck, unload it, return the truck, and hope they don’t try to screw you with some fee or damage or whatever.

One thing that always worried me was changing my address at the post office because I wasn’t sure if they’d get everything right. When you fill out a paper form, someone has to key that back into the system… and hopefully they don’t fat finger it. Well now the USPS has an online change of address form [4]. The best part is that you still get all those coupons (I remember doing this a bunch to get a Lowes 10% coupon!) that were in the booklet, plus you avoid a trip to the post office [5].

There’s a $1 fee, just like the hold mail service [6], but I think it’s worth it.