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Verizon: Even On Installs You Can Threaten Cancellation!

Early this month I decided to switch from one crappy cable provider to another crappy cable provider (Comcast [3] to Verizon [4]) in an attempt to chase the lowest rate. Well, yesterday was the day Verizon and I scheduled the install (it was nearly 20 days after the order date!) and they did the typical cable provider not-going-to-make-it-as-scheduled game… until I pulled out the trump card. Let me enjoy the fun of explaining the entire story (it’ll take like a hundred words).

They called at around 10am, saying they needed to extend the installation window from 8-noon to 8-5pm because the installer called in “sick.” I’m sure you’ll recognize this script. They called against at 2 pm saying that there was a 50-50 chance that the installer wouldn’t be able to make it today and that the next available was next Thursday. This brought back memories of what my friend said the weekend before: “Good luck with Verizon, they screwed me three times on missing installs.” (I don’t remember how many times but it was more than the acceptable number of one) Well, when they called at 2 pm and asked if I wanted to reschedule. Ha! I told them that unless the next call is “The technician is standing outside” then they don’t have to send anyone because my business is going back to Comcast. Someone showed up at 4:15 PM.

I was fully planning on canceling Verizon and upgrading service with Comcast. I even called up Comcast to get rates, setup a faux install order (I didn’t fake an order to see the install date, it was a recommendation by the CSR) so they could check the date of the order, and it would’ve been next Tuesday. So, the threat of cancellation works even if you aren’t using their service (yet)!

Does this say something about what I should expect after I’m locked in? Maybe, but all cable companies play this game so you’re dealing with the devil either way, it’s just a matter of what label is on his shirt.