Verizon FiOS Internet and Cable Television Deals

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So I tried the Comcast “call up and demand a better offer” trick and it failed miserably, even after I told them I was going to go with Verizon FiOS, so it’s time for me to move onto bigger and better things. Verizon just did a huge push of installing fiber in our neighborhood so I think it’s about time to let them capitalize on their capital improvements!

Unlike Comcast, Verizon doesn’t have any “trade the dish” or other strange promotional offer but they do have a little promotion plus very competitive pricing on their plans. For the latest and greatest, check this out for Verizon promo codes. The promotion on the site says “Your first month FREE, $29.99/mo. for months 2-7 (up to 5 mos.), plus a $20 Target gift card.” Everything except the $20 gift card is pretty standard and available all the time.

Fast Plan: 5Mpbs down/ 2 up + FiOSTV for 1 month of Internet free, $10 off months 2 – 7, then $87.98 a month afterwards for 8 – 12. It works out to be $75.65 a month for the first year.

Faster Plan: 15Mpbs down/ 2 up + FiOSTV for 1 month of Internet free, $10 off months 2 – 7, then $97.98 a month afterwards for 8 – 12. It works out to be $84.82 a month for the first year.

There are additional costs, such as a $19.99 activation fee ($10 off the $29.99 regular fee, but that’s offset by the $20 Target gift card) and monthly equipment rental fees for the HD DVR or HD cable boxes, but that’s all pretty typical I think. We’re getting a HD DVR ($16/mo)and a regular HD cable box ($10/mo).

Considering right now I’m paying around $65 for Comcast Internet (their price after the initial promotion ends), this is a pretty good deal for me to add television service and High Definition channels now that I have a TV to support it.

Lastly, I just signed up a few minutes ago and the next available install is January 24th!

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36 Responses to “Verizon FiOS Internet and Cable Television Deals”

  1. AM says:

    Verizon billing is aweful. They keep charging you a lot – keep sending you incorrect bills. Customer service is aweful. I have Triple bundle and had many problems as representatives hardly help. The billing reps do not understand how to decipher the bill but billing department keep sending the wrong bills.

    I am looking for a change. Please someone let me know if there is a good alternative.

  2. PAULA COSTA says:


  3. Alison says:

    Wow what a lot of different opinions about FiOS! I was a previous FiOS customer and thankfully got away before I lost my mind. I went to work/subscribe with DISH Network and am very happy in doing so! My services are a lot better, I get more HD channels, and I have the ViP 922 receiver that has a 1 terabyte hard drive! I live on recordings, so I am very grateful in my switch!

  4. yikes says:

    I am in the market for getting internet and one landline installed in my new small physical therapy office. I was deciding on the Fios bundle until I read all these negative testimonials. I have very low tolerance for wasting time on the phone with inept customer service reps. I have even lower tolerance for things that go wrong that are out of my control and extreme difficulty fixing it. I think I will take a closer look at Time Warner. Thanks for sharing!

  5. ratickle says:

    I was with FiOS for two years. Had the triple-play package. It was OK. The multi-room DVR was nice. At the end of the two year deal, they raised the prices. I went back to CableVision’s triple play. Save over $50 per month on the bill. Internet speed is 50 mbs download and 8 mbs upload. The download is better than FiOS! (So much for that optical fiber is better claim.) My bill is now less than $100 per month. The CableVision DVR is older technology than the FiOS DVR, but it is a lot more intuitive to use. Also (big plus here) you can attach an external harddrive (WD 1 TB) to the CableVision DVR and have a total HD recording capacity of around 130 hours! FiOS DVR won’t support an external harddrive. One final tip: Never use the e-mail services offered by your ISP. Use Gmail or Hotmail or Aol, etc. That way when you swap ISPs every two years to get the best deal, you don’t have to tell everyone you have a new e-mail address.

  6. Patrick703 says:

    If you are trying to get Verizon FiOS please be advised to ALL aspects of your contract details in Writing before installing anything. After 12 phone calls in attempting this monstrous feat, I could not get my detailed of my contract. I was verbally promised an incredible FiOS triple play offers but, could not get a detailed description of the order in writing. I only got a general letter showing some of the costs agreed and to wait until my first bill arrives. Unfortunately, that would put me beyond the 30 day grace period.
    All Government websites including: FCC & FTC advise and request this. I decided to cancel my order and stay with Comcast. I never had any problems concerning my bill with Comcast. I wasn’t even left wondering why. After reading all the complaints – IT’S OBVIOUS!

  7. Bigbroncom says:

    I HATE HATE Verizon FiOS…That said I really miss Dish Network. I had the triple play installed on 12/12/11

    •2 days after my installation I lost approx. 55% of my channels they keep saying THIS CHANNEL IS CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE:
    •I asked for a multi room DVR like I had with Dish and I was told I won’t need it all channels are available on demand. Which I found out later was a lie and not all shows are available on demand.
    •The remote pauses, rewinds and stops the ON Demand view but won’t fast forward WTF.

    So now I have 3 boxes can’t pause live TV, can’t view anything I miss on G4 BECAUSE IT’S NOT AVAILABLE ON DEMAND>> WTFFFFF.
    Today is 12/18/11 and I am waiting for the tech to come back and repair my service that I have not been able to use and switch my set tops with a multi room DVR… IF this don’t work I will cancel service and plug my DISH boxes back in ( I haven’t even returned them yet).

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